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Walt Disney and his impact on history

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joshua mcbeth

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Walt Disney and his impact on history

Walt Disney:An American Icon
By Joshua Mcbeth Walt's Early life
Walt's family grew up in Marceline until his parents moved them to Kansas City due to poor health.
Walt's life was greatly influenced by his time in Marceline. Walt's Early Life
Walt's company was made with partner Ub Irweks in his hometown of Kansas City.
Walt's company went bankrupt after his main client went into bakruptcy.
This failed venture inspired Walt to open a studio in Hollywood. Walt's Early Life
Roy Disney was Walt's brother and buisness partner for Walt Disney Studios.
Roy took care of the companys financial side. Walt's Achievments
Steamboat Willie was the most famous of the early Mickie Mouse Cartoon.
This cartoon was the first to have a completely post produced soundtrack(the sounds were added later). Walt's Achievments
Disneyland opened in 1955 and was widely televised.
Guests that day included Ronald Reagan,Thurl Ravenscroft(original voice for Tony the Tiger),the Mouseketeers, and many others.
Disneyland was a change from the dirty and unkept amusement parks of the fifties. Walt's Achievments
Walt Disney created Walt Disney World to gain the advantage of size.
Disney World is host to many cast members from other countries, and this shows the influence Disney has on the world. Disney's impact on society
Disney is still known to the children of today.
Disney's influence of today's children are evidence of a lasting legacy through his parks, movies, and the founding of talent by his company. Disney's influence on society
Disney's characters gained worldwide popularity after the addition of parks overseas.
This addition shows the rise of disney as an American and global icon. Disney's impact on society
Disney funded the California Institute for the Arts to help educate the next generation.
One notable graduate is Tim Burton most notable today for The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands,and more. Disney's impact on society
Disney's company is carrying on his name by introducing Disney on Broadway.
These musicals include Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, and even the Lion King.
The creation of these shows take Walt's works to a younger generation. Conclusion
Disney became an American icon through the tough times in his life.
Disney's company and cartoons has remained just as relevant as they were during his lifetime. WALT DISNEY:AN AMERICAN
DECEMBER 5, 1901-DECEMBER 15, 1966
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