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on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Poland

Poland is located at 52.2167°N, 21.0333°E.
Poland's capital is Warsaw,which is known for it's history and culture.
The population of Poland is 38.53 million as of 2011.

By: Alina Scipio
Poland is bordered by Belarus,Czech Republic, Germany,Lithuania,Russia,Slovakia,Ukraine and the Baltic Sea.
Poland has the 6th largest economy in europe ,one of the fastest growing economies there- growing 3% a year.
Poland's Government
Poland is governed under the constitution of 1997. The president, who is the head of state, is popularly elected for a five-year term and might go a second term. The prime minister, who is the head of government, is appointed by the president, as is the cabinet.

Poland has a moderate climate, which is due to humid Atlantic air that collides over it with dry air. As a result, seasons may look different in the years. Winters are are wet, or sometimes sunny in Poland. Generally, in north and west Poland the climate is gentle, (Humid winters and cool, rainy summers.)But.the eastern part of the country has harsh winters and hotter, drier summers.

Catholic 91%
Orthodox 1%
Other Religion 2%
Atheist 2%
Non believer/Agnostic 3%
Not stated 1%

Physical Features
Many physical features of Poland include the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Gdansk, Masurian Lake, Carpathian Mountains and Sudetic Mountains.
People in poland speak mainly Polish, but many also speak Russian, English and some German. Other languages can also be found.
Thanks for Watching!
poland's flag
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