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Titanic 1st Class


Megan Portello

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Titanic 1st Class

The Sunken Dream First Class Rooms First Class A Usual Day First Class Jobs Ages A typical job for a first class passenger was a businessman, property developer, real estate agent, entertainer, and of course many personal maids were with the passengers to help with children. Purpose For first class passengers this trip wasn't a really big deal. Most families boarded the ship to be on the maiden voyage of the "most luxurious ship in the world" this trip was typically used as a vacation. On the beautiful Titanic everybody was treated more luxurious than usual. Even the guests in first class were impressed in how the ship looked and the quality of everything on the ship. The staterooms were beautifully finished with white enamel and oak. A typical stateroom would include a table for four, two double beds and a living room. They didn't need much in their rooms since they would be spending most of their time in the other parts of the ship. A typical day in the life of a first class passenger on the Titanic would include going to the smoking room, going swimming, going to the restaurant, even going on the first class promenade deck to meet different people or to read a book. Residence Most people in first class lived in Europe, and North America. Two of the richest places at the time. First class passengers would probably not be moving because their use of this trip was for one reason only, relaxation. First Class Most of the people in first class were 20-70 years old. Final Destination The planned final destination was New York. After the titanic launched the life boats, another ship picked them up and took them to New York. The bodies on the other hand were taken to Halifax. Clothing Velvet gowns and beautiful feathery hats were worn by the first class women on the titanic. The men were almost always seen in a suit or tuxedo. First CLass Only 6 children were in first class and only 5 of them lived.
57 out of 175 men lived in first class.
Only 4 women in first class died.
There were about twelve dogs aboard the titanic and 3 lived.
The ships top speed was 27 miles per hour. Titanic The End Megan and Sydney
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