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No description

Cory Myers

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Castle

Our castle, which is surrounded by a moat, has
a chapel, a kitchen, a great hall and many other
rooms. The castle also has a trebuchet for defense. Castle Location Our Castle is located in the modern-day London, England area and is surrounded by a shark-infested saltwater moat for protection. The Great Hall Used as a central room for all activities
Musicians will play and provide entertainment in this hall
Also used for celebrations The Chapel Essential part of the medieval castle
Used every morning for mass
Probably the safest room in the castle Used as a hiding place for the priest if enemies were present The Priest Hole Kitchen Kitchen A day in the life of a medieval castle would usually begin with sunrise and the servants ensuring that fires were lit wherever required within the castle before then starting to prepare the main meal of the day. Kitchen Kitchen workers were mostly servants
Breakfast would be bread and a drink served prior to morning mass
Mid-morning would be dinner and there would often be entertainment during the meal courses
The final meal of the day would be light Castle Keeps the center tower of the castle
used as a final defensive structure Castle Keeps Center tower of the castle
Used as a final defense system Weapons Trebuchet - a stone thrower
Portcullis - a gate that traps some of the attackers
Fire - flaming torches that were thrown at the attackers
Mantlets - light screens that provided protection Architecture
(Concentric) Contains lots of buildings, walls, towers, and gatehouses
The outside of the castle is made of shaped stone
Strong defense system
Pointed arches for window openings
Always has access to fresh water within the castle Sources www.medieval-castle.com By: Cory Myers
Hunter Brookens
Spencer Dann Dungeons Last defensive part of the castle
Where prisoners were housed
Really Dark
Basically left to die Sleeping Quarters Lower Class
Wooden Frames
Rope or String acts like springs
Separated by curtains Drawbridge Wooden bridge in front of the main gate of the castle
Hinged Fashion
Allows or prevent easy entry Garderobe Toilet or Latrine
Far away from the bed chambers
Double doors to reduce the smell
Crap went into the moat Courtyard Inner Courtyard...
Outer Courtyard...
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