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Children's Story

English 2 "Silas Marner"

Ryo Yoshida

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Children's Story

by: Ryo Yoshida, Chad Houchin, and Justin Samuels The Cards: A Children's Story He couldn`t believe what Daniel, who had been his best friend almost his entire life, had done. Daniel betrayed Joey and took Makayla away from him. Joey had completely lost faith in his friends and life. His heart was broken and instead of spending the summer with his friends like he usually does, he spent his days inside his house, isolated from the community around him.
As he searched inside his house in search of something to do, he came across some Pokemon cards that he got as a gift from his parents. He had then started a Pokemon card collection.
Within the next 2 months, he had collected 500 Pokemon cards. He kept them in very neat sheet protectors. Every day before he went to bed, he would take a look at his vast collection. He treated each and every card with divine respect. Now his life was revolved around the Pokemon cards. One day during the summer, a boy named Gregory, a nerdy kid who loves Pokemon cards, walked by Joey's house and saw him organizing his cards through his bedroom window. He stared at his Pokemon cards with an insane look on his face. Gregory was in awe of how many cards there were. This could definitely add to his collection.
A few minutes later, he saw Joey leave his room with the cards still out, so he decided to seize the moment. He walked up to the door, which was accidentally left open, and walked inside the house slowly and quietly as to not make a sound. His heart began to pound as he took the first step over the threshold of the door. He knew then that he was committed to stealing his cards. He ran through the house and scooped up every card. He then looked behind him and saw the door, his only hope of getting out. He then ran as fast as he could and made it back out of the house before anyone noticed. He then sprinted all the way down the road to his house. There once was a boy named Joey. Joey lived in a small town named Glensdale. Joey's best friend is Daniel. They have been friends ever since they started kindergarten together. One day when Joey and Daniel were eating lunch in their school's cafeteria, Joey said something very dear to Daniel, something he hadn't told anyone before. "Daniel, can I ask for a favor?" asked Joey. "Of course you can! I'm your best friend remember?" replied Daniel. "Well there is this girl I really like, her name is Makayla, and I wrote her this love letter but I'm too afraid to give it to her. Can you give it to her for me?" said Joey. "Yeah sure! I'll give it to her next period for you", replied Daniel.
After Joey disappeared out of his sight, Daniel sneered. Daniel himself also liked Makayla and came up with an ingenious or a clever idea. Daniel had decided to change his name on the letter to make it look like he wrote the letter and then give it to her. As these thoughts ran through his mind, Daniel carefully took the letter and erased "Joey" and wrote his own name instead. Then neatly folding the letter back up, he went to his next class. Daniel Joey Daniel arrived at his English class and sat down in his desk. He was nervous as he didn`t know how Makayla would react to the letter that he is about to give her. A few minutes later, Makayla walked through the door with her friends. He suddenly felt a little bad now that he was going to betray his best friend. But then, Makayla walked up to him. "Hey Daniel. What is that in your hand?" she asked. He looked down. It was the love letter. "Oh," Daniel said, with his heart thumping. "This is for you." Makayla took the letter and read it thoroughly. She then said "I love you too!" and gave him a hug. Daniel couldn`t believe what just happened. She had seemed to accept his love.
The very next day, Joey saw Makayla before school and he approached her. "Hey did you get my letter yesterday?" Joey asked Makayla. "What letter? I only got a letter from Daniel yesterday that was SO freaking cute. He's adorable", Makayla said, as if she was in a dream. "Wait. Daniel wrote you a letter yesterday?" asked Joey confused at why she didn't get his letter. "Yeah! It was super cute! He said he loved me", replied Makayla happily. Suddenly everything in Joey's mind clicked. Daniel had taken his own letter and said he had written it! Joey stormed off having now lost all faith in his best friend Daniel and wishing to himself that he had never met him. Joey came back to his room a while later. He sat down on the table and his jaw dropped. The Pokemon cards in which he spent an entire 2 months collected, had all disappeared. He checked everywhere in his room, but the cards were nowhere to be found. Someone must have stolen the cards and ran away with them. He dashed outside and searched all around the neighborhood for any suspects. Unfortunately, he couldn`t find any clues. In tears, he slowly started to go back home.
On the way, he found a stray dog. It looked very unhealthy with dirt all over its fur. The dog looked extremely hungry too; it probably hasn`t eaten in days. On the collar had its name, Max. Feeling sympathetic for Max, he decided to take it home and take care of it himself. Gregory Makayla After a few days of proper care for the dog, he became healthy. Max grew up to be a lovable and very energetic dog. Joey showed deep love for Max and Max showed the same. Twice a day or even more, he would walk the dog around the neighborhood. He met many of his friends that he hadn't talked to the entire summer. One day however, he ran across a couple while he was taking Max for his morning walk. This couple saw Max and seemed to recognize him. "Hey you!" they cried, "You found our missing dog!" Joey was very confused at what they were talking about. "I'm sorry but this is my dog, his name is Max", Joey replied. "No, that's our Maxy! we lost our dog a few weeks ago but we didn't bother to look because we thought he had run away for good", said the lovely couple. "Well I found him, and you all didn't come look for him so I kept him and took care of him because he came to me," replied Joey, who was scared of losing his Max to these people he had just met. "Why don't we let Max choose which family to go home with," said the couple confident that Max would choose them. So they set Max in the middle of the 3 of them, Joey and the couple, and let him choose. Max immediately ran to Joey and he became overcome with joy! He got to keep Max!
Through the interactions with his friends and neighbors while walking Max, Joey begins to restore his faith in his friends and the community. He became the outgoing Joey that everyone had known and loved. Towards the end of the summer, Gregory came back from space camp. Throughout the camp, there was one thing that was constantly in this mind. It was the time he stole Joey`s cards. He felt extremely guilty for stealing Joey`s cards. So he took the cards and left his house.
Gregory arrived at the doorstep of Joey`s house and knocked on the door. The door opened and there stood Joey. "Hey Gregory. What`s up?" Gregory was confused. Apparently
he didn`t sound sad at all. But he went on anyway. "Look Joey. Remember that one day in the beginning of the summer when your Pokemon cards all disappeared? Well I was the one that stole your cards. So here they are." Gregory stuck out his hands, with all 500 cards. Joey took them and said, "Thank you!" "You`re welcome," Gregory replied, then he walked back to his house. Joey then realized what he had really needed in his life, a friend who would never betray him. The end!!
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