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Child Obesity: A Labeling Theory

No description

Bailey Wood

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Child Obesity: A Labeling Theory

Child Obesity:
A Labeling Theory Thesis:
: Stigma, which is included in the labeling theory, can best explain society’s reaction to child obesity. What is obesity? One is considered obese when their weight is 10
percent higher than the suggested weight for their body type. * 16 to 33% of children are considered obese Health concerns:
*high blood pressure
*high cholesterol
*type 2 diabetes
* gallstones
* arthritis What do you think when you see this... Let me guess, you said things like...
"Oh, that's horrible."
"Ew, that's gross."
"What were their parents thinking?"

You are labeling the child obesity scene in these pictures with a negative label or stigma, as society does. Therefore, child obesity is deviant through the labeling theory.
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