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The Climb

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Jona Sandau

on 12 August 2016

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Transcript of The Climb

New Tech Years 1-3
Old Ways
Risks & Pitfalls:
What now?
To maintain a focus on collaboration and shared leadership, we will add a critical friends protocol to staff meetings
More parent out-reach through SSC, ELAC and PTA
Encourage and provide opportunities for teachers to become New Tech Certified
Collaborate with NVUSD LeadIn for professional learning opportunities
Apply the Data COM process for goal setting
Donaldson Way Elementary School
Introduce your idea
Old Ways
Scripted curriculum
Rigid use of pacing calendars
Limited arts in the classrooms
Working in isolation
Grade level PLCs function at "Nuts and Bolts" level
Culture & Agency
Program Improvement
Scripted curriculum
Rigid adherence to pacing
Working in isolation
Critical Thinking
Not much room for innovative and critical thinking
Very limited technology in classrooms
"Talking Head" of the teacher, students sat and listened
Critical Thinking
Agency & Culture
Year 1:
Teacher Leadership at DW
Year Two:
Deeper Learning

Critical Thinking
Culture & Agency
Clinging to old teaching practices
Staff turnover
Maintenance of technology
Collective group decision making process is lengthy
Slow growth process
Year 1 Focus: Agency & Culture
All AC schools join New Tech Network
Rolled out with grades 3 & 4
School wide BEST PBL Project
Learned about adaptive vs. technical problem solving
Learned about "Growth Mindset"
Developed creative PBL Units:
3rd Grade: What is a Hero?
4th Grade: Mission 2.0
5th Grade: Creek Restoration
Inter/Intra grade level collaboration in developing PBL units
Learning Walks
Increase in ratio of devices to students
Parents included in New Tech Culture through Cafecito/Coffee Mornings
PBL Advocate Team born
All American Canyon schools professional development days (4x year)
Focus for year 2: Academic Vocabulary
Educated parents about PBL model
Cafecito Learning Walks
Student Ambassadors
Learning centers incorporated differentiated instruction, agency & accountability, responsibility for students' own learning
Critical Friends process
Use of more New Tech tools (rubrics, ECHO, PBL Unit planners)
Getting better at aligning projects to Common Core
Greater emphasis on final products
Austin's Butterfly
PBL becoming a "way of life" at our school
PBL implemented at all grade levels
Learning Walks to Donaldson Way (feeling like we are becoming experts in this work)
Parents beginning to understand/support PBL model
Release of teacher directed control to student directed learning
Student as learner and facilitator
Community meetings are standard
Donaldson Way used as an exemplar by stakeholders (Learning Walks, Focus Groups)
Parents are understanding and supportive of PBL model
Buy-in from classified staff
The Climb
Provide support to our new and returning teachers with on-going NTN Coaching
Internal learning walks to support teacher implementation of new, inquiry based math program
Parent Learning Walks
Using data to determine student intervention needs
Continue rich dialogue and partnership with parents and stakeholders
SMART Goals and Data
More PD at the site level
Year 3
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