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No description

julio picatoste

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of cee

CEE 24th October 2006
5.00 p.m Lots of rain + Bad urbanistic organization = On year 2000 it rained more What happened then Nothing Causes Fires on summer New mall and buildings with parking lots and garages Canalizations were narrowed so dirty water could flow faster... But they forgot something... In Galicia it rains a lot So water overflowed.
New construction that were below sea level flooded ?
Official organizations estimate 6.000.000 euros in loss Local shops were ruined, and cars in parking lots floated 2 meters over the ground New part of the town was built over fillings in the sea Conclusion If a good urbanistic planning is made, there shouldn't be floods.
And if they happen, they shouldn't cause so many problems as they caused in Cee
Made by Jacobo Pérez Pablo Mouzo Martín Mosteiro Julio Picatoste Taking terrain to nature is a risk, but it is even riskier if you aren't aware of what the consequences of what you are doing may be. We can see how when the city had a quite good urbanistic plan, rains didn't affect at all, but they wanted to build and get money and this is what happened. Fillings were made in the 70s .
A new line of buildings was built since the year 2000 Urbanistic pressure THE ENDA PAY ATTENTION!
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