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jared conn

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Prezi

What is Prezi? prezi is a cloud based presentation software prezi allows you to create a story Prezi allows you to throw ideas and images onto an open canvas Zoom into maps Key features Zoom into plans Importing Zoom and pan Presenting online Ipad viewer app Real time sharing Story lines Who benefits from prezi How does prezi work? Pros prezi officially launched in 2009 ZUI • The ZUI makes it possible to zoom around the Prezi canvas to visualize your ideas • With the ZUI the user can move "further away" to get an overview of their canvas. Or Zoom to get a closer look  Prezis can be presented online for the public to see.

 It can also be downloaded and saved so you can present in a more private gathering. PowerPoint slides
YouTube videos
PDFs  The frames and the paths create a “cinematic journey” for the viewers. Some of the key features of prezi are: "Zebra" Outer rings rotate the image or text The plus symbol allows you to make and image larger The hand lets you move the item around the screen The minus symbol allows you to make an image smaller The pencil allows you to edit text bubble menu Frames allow the user to organize: pictures, videos and text onto their own separate sheet.
Frames are similar to slides on a power point With paths users are able to create the sequence of how each frame will be presented.
Paths can be organized in any which direction across the user’s working canvas. conferences
board meetings
team meetings. Prezi is equipped with an easy to use insert feature, this allows you to import various types of media files into their presentations Such as:
Youtube videos. Prezi has many different themes to choose from.
Themes are unique styles that decorate the working canvas. Cons Prezi Inserting text inserting text into prezi is just a double click any where on the canvas Top tool bar Side tool bar prezi canvas How it benefits urban planners products that use ZUI more cons more pros how to set up prezi Enjoy version Pro version Thanks you for watching Prezi can be saved on an external device
can be presented online
easy to embed a youtube video Prezi is very attention grabbing, because of visuals
Easy to upload menu files
saves automatically The more info added to prezi, the more likely it is to crash
you have to pay for the full version
prezi is not down loadable only 250mb of memory on free version, 500 for paid, and 1000 for pro
the presentation can get unorganized
difficult to learn how to use
cant transition slided The top tool bar in prezi includes:
Save button
undo and redo arrows
meeting drop down menu
and exit The side tool bar in prezi has:
The home button
the zoom in and and zoom out buttons Google maps
Google earth
iphone/ipod touch Sources Private presentations
Use your own logo
Premium support
500mb storage space
$59 annually Work offline anytime
make prezis private
use your own logo
2gb storage
$159 a year “Prezi” allows Urban Planners to create lively attention grabbing presentations for all viewers. Another unique feature about “Prezi” is that the user has unlimited working space.
The user is able to use as much of his/her working space as desired.
This allows the user to put all ideas into their presentation. http://prezi.com/about/




http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/prezi.com - site info


http://www.fastcompany.com/3001166/why-your-presentations-lack-depth-and-what-you-can-about Just fill out a registration form to start prezi
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