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The Naval Issue

No description

John Wu

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of The Naval Issue

The Naval Issue
In the early 20th century
Britain had been competing with Germany over who had the stronger naval presence
This led to increased development of battleships for the navy.
The British government requested help from the Dominion of Canada to help in the building of more battleships.
The British Canadians had wanted to help Britain with their problems and agreed to the idea of giving them money to aid their military.

The French canadians however didn't want to get involved with Britain's problems and wanted Canada to get a navy of it's own.
Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier had decided to make a compromise. He wanted to make both sides happy.
He introduced the Naval Service Bill. It granted Canada it's own navy which would serve Britain in times of war.
The English Canadians had claimed that the government wasn't doing enough for their mother country.
The British had preferred money to fund the battleships, but were happy with any help they could get. The Canadians however highly criticized the bill.
The French Canadians were concerned with that Canada might get too involved with Britain's wars
Laurier had lost the following election to the Conservatives, lead by Robert Borden. He replaced the "Naval Service Bill" with the "Naval Aid Bill" providing Britain with money to build their battleships with, rather than supplying them with ships.
The Canadian citizens had disagreed about what to do.
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