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IT Strategic Plan

No description

Marly Guzman

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of IT Strategic Plan

IT Strategic Framework
The strategic plan will answer & clarify the above questions within the IT strategic framework
Foundational Obligation: Cyber/Information Security
Info. Security
: CNL's policies, processes, standards, & controls needed to secure computer assets
Strategic Focus Areas
These areas provide the direction for CNL's IT program & establish the foundation on which to achieve CNL's goals
The 2015 CNL Information Technology Strategic Plan
The Big Picture
The Concept
Fundamental Obligation:

Cyber/IT Security

Strategic Focus Areas:
Cloud Computing, Information/Data, Social Collaboration, Mobility, & Shared Services

Customer Service
, &
IT Workforce
To be better positioned to meet the challenges resulting from changes in economic conditions, legislation & regulation, administrative policy & industry
Cyber Security
: CNL's ability to protect its computer assets from attacks
Enabling Focus Areas
These are the core people and process elements that set the strategic focus areas in motion
IT Customer Service
The people, processes, & technology utilized to meet the needs of CNL's internal & external customers
IT Workforce
IT human capital planning, & the activities to equip the workforce with the tools & training they need to support CNL's strategic goals & objectives
IT Governance
The process that ensures the effective & efficient use of technology to enable CNL's business goals and objectives
Cloud Computing
Enables convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned & released with minimal management/service provider interaction
Shared Services
An information technology function that is provided for consumption by multiple departments or functions
Info Data
Encompasses CNL's structured & unstructured digital information, decouples information from its presentation & provides the management of its accuracy, availability, & security
Social Collaboration
Processes & technologies that help multiple people interact & share information to achieve a common goal
Fosters the use of mobile technologies to improve services to customers, associates to increase productivity & performance
Position IT as trusted business partners with the business areas to achieve CNL's strategic goals

Ongoing commitment to maintaining a secure, reliable, & cost-effective IT environment

Objectives of the Cyber/IT Security Goal
Objectives of the Cloud Computing
& Shared Services Goal
Create a center of excellence for cloud computing & shared services to foster an innovative culture where a "cloud first" mentality is adopted where appropriate

Continue to consolidate & virtualize data centers, legacy applications, & data looking to drive cost from overall IT spend

Drive secure information sharing by capitalizing on cloud innovation & leveraging externally provided cloud services
Improve IT security governance & oversight

Implement corporation-wide information security risk management functions

Implement modernized Identity, Credential, & Access Management (ICAM) capabilities

Implement access controls & configuration management techniques that protect information & resources

Improve CNL's ability to continuously monitor computer assets
Objectives of the Info/Data Management Goal
Enhance CNL's data management capabilities

Eliminate unnecessary redundancy in enterprise & operational data

Provide secure, centralized access to current & historical data & enable robust data analytics

Support maturation of CNL records management capabilities
Objectives of the Social Collaboration Goal
Implement platforms & technologies to support enterprise collaboration

Increase use of modernized communication vehicles for multi-channel engagement

Increase enterprise-wide communication awareness of CNL IT's programs and solutions

Leverage customer engagement tools to foster data-driven decisions & increase customer satisfaction
Objectives of the Mobility Goal
Improve business process, agility, & efficiencies through the use of mobile technologies

Increase use of modernized communication vehicles for multi-channel engagement
Objectives of the IT Customer Service Goal
Standardize existing IT service process & operations through IT service management best practices

Improve the IT Service Desk's ability to support business applications

Ensure end-to-end IT services are provided in a cost-effective, transparent, & efficient manner
Objectives of the IT Governance
Mature & streamline IT governance to include capacity & prioritization management

Improve end-to-end portfolio management of IT programs (Process & Technology)

Implement modernized solution delivery methods that enable faster delivery of functionality to the business units (more agile)
Objectives of the IT Workforce Goal
Improve effectiveness of IT human capital planning & resource allocation

Recruit, hire, & grow a strong empowered IT workforce that can be productive in a dynamic work envornment

Expand associate understanding of emerging technologies, processes, & trends
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