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Vancouver ;)

justin folkeringa

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of VANCOUVER!!!

VANCOUVER, British Columbia
WINDSOR, ESSEX county Climates Here is a picture of

You will see the landform differences between the 2 regions!
WINDSOR VANCOUVER Here is 2 climate graphs that show
the climate for VANCOUVER and WINDSOR
and ESSEX county VANCOUVER Vegetation! In WINDSOR AND ESSEX we are famous
for growing, Tomatoes (Leamington), Apples, Corn Wheat, and soy bean. In VANCOUVER the most famous agricultural item is the Ginseng!

Ginseng (A chinese herb; also a fine medicine) The irragition(To supply (dry land) with water by means of ditches, pipes, or holes.) is very different to Vancouver and Windsor. IRRIGATION A.K.A AGRICULTURAL ITEMS BRITISH COLUMBIA ONTARIO Vancouver has mountains up to the size
of 3,000 metres high. I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE ENJOYED THE RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN VANCOUVER B.C. AND WINDSOR ONTARIO AND ESSEX COUNTY! THANK YOU This presentation was typed by: Justin Folkeringa LANDFORMS THE most predominant Landform in Vancouver is Mountains AND The most predominant land form in Windsor and Essex county is plains. DID YOU KNOW? RIVERS AND WATERS! The drainage basin for the Detroit river is the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is nearby Vancouver. DID YOU KNOW? The city of Vancouver is tempered warm by the japan current and shelterd by the rocky mountains. THE COLUMBIA RIVER Here is some rivers by Vancouver THE FRASER RIVER AND THE COWICHAN RIVER! BIOGRAPHY!!!!
Info from: Physical Geography 7-Unit 2, Chapter 9 - Patterns from Interactions: Agriculture
Other info from: Google and Wikipedia Search :-) The Continental Divide is a name
given to the Mountain Region which
separate the watersheds between the
Pacific Ocean in the west and the river
systems that drain into the Atlantic Ocean
in the east. One of the major water systems
in Windsor/Essex County is the
Great Lakes. Lakes Huron, Ontario,
Michigan, Erie, and Superior are the
names of these Great Lakes. Another
smaller lake in Windsor/Essex County
is Lake St. Clair.
These Great Lakes are the
largest collection of freshwater
lakes on Earth. These Great Lakes
flow through many rivers, including
the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic
Ocean. Windsor, Essex County uses these
Great Lakes for the importing and
exporting of their agricultural products. Vancouver, BC mainly uses
the Pacific Ocean for its importing
and exporting of its agricultural
products, including logging. Tell me if you see a difference in the landforms of
Vancouver B.C. and Windsor and Essex. Don't you see the differences! AGRICULTURE In Windsor, the soils are particularely suited to agriculture. A wide variety of cash crops are grown. Much of the southeastern portion of essex county supports greenhouses. At one time, this extremely flat (plains) portion of southern Ontario was covered by an old lake. From this ancient lake make extrememly rich agricultural land. This lake also makes good soils for farming,
trees, even plants like Corn, tomatoes, etc. In Vancouver I think that the soils are most
rich from the mountains because when it rains
all of the water from the mountains make farming in Vancouver easier and more efficient! WINDSOR! WINDSOR
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