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Mehmet Fatih Kuş

on 4 October 2015

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Transcript of BODRUM


General Information about Bodrum
Bodrum is a district of Mugla and very important tourist district for Turkey. Bodrum is highest population town in Mugla.
Thanks for listening
Herodot (also known as 'Father of History'), was born in the Bodrum in BC.
Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli (also known as
'Halikarnas Balikcisi') is a famous author. He was exiled to Bodrum in 1925 and he continued to live in Bodrum. By the way, Bodrum was a place of exile in previously. Nowadays, he is the biggest reason for Bodrum to be famous.
Ilhan Berk is a famous poet in Turk
literature. He spents his life in Bodrum
and died in Bodrum.
Zeki Müren is a very famous artist, composer,
actor and songwriter. He was born in Bursa but he
love Bodrum all his life. In Bodrum, there is a 'Zeki Art Museum'.
This castle was built between 1406-1523. It has become the symbol of Bodrum because this castle in the center of town and very stately. Nowadays this castle is used as an underwater museum.
Bodrum Castle
(also knows as 'Saint Peter Castle')
International Bodrum Ballet Festival is held every year during the summer since 2003 in Bodrum. This year, the 13th festival is holded in Bodrum Castle.
Getting to know the small towns of Bodrum.
There are many towns in Bodrum. Some of these are: Turgutreis, Yalıkavak, Gümbet, Ortakent, Göltürkbükü.
It is the place where celebrities prefer to live in the Bodrum.
If you come here to have fun, you must go to Gümbet. Gümbet is the place where the most active nightlife. This place is usually empty during the day, but night is very very crowded. People are going to be here drunk.
According to most people, Yalikavak is Bodrum's most beautiful small town. I agree this claim because that is true. Yalikavak has a very very large marina.

And this is map of Bodrum Peninsula.
Some pictures of Bodrum.
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