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Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief.

isabel alfaro

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Friendship

Friendship By: Isabel Alfaro What's a Friend? Friendship is like a horizon it never ends when we approach it. Do you know what it means to have a great friendship? You can be your self around your friends and together you can conquer anything. Friendship is never serene.... No matter where you are, you are never alone your friend completes your shadow. you sometimes have to get creative to have a great time... Boy with girl, girl with girl, or boy with boy does not matter the gender but they always have each other by their side. Friendship is to people as sunshine is to flowers Friendship is not about who you have known the longest, but who stayed and never left your side. A friend is someone who you think your life would be different if they didn't exist.
A friend is someone who never leaves you out, you are always included when you are with them. A friend is there for you no matter what. In the rhythm of life we sometimes find ourselves out of tune, but as long that we have friendship to provide the music the melody will go on.
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