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Applications of circles in real life and a circle picture

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Murali Krishtna

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Applications of circles in real life and a circle picture

Applications of circles
In real life and a circle picture. One of the shots that use a logic based on circles A Carl Zeiss Lens that uses the
application of a circle 1] Jackie photographed a house using a camera
that has 70 degree field of view. The next day he goes to update the photo but had taken with her a 35 degree field of view lens. From what location should she photograph the house with the new lens so that the entire house fills the width of the picture. 2)A ferris wheel is basically shaped like a wheel. Since most of
the amusement rides are fairly large, the outer circle is not made from one piece of steel but rather several little arcs. The number of arcs is determined by the number of cars on
the wheel. How long would the arc be between cars if there were 12 cars on a 30 meter tall ferris wheel? -> Circle cannot be found in
real life as circle is a 2D figure,
but its properties are very useful
in real life. -> Circles are widley used in film
making and making of camera
-> It can also be used in scoring
a goal. How a circle's logic has changed the filming
industry in the past few a years. THE END Thank You By:
Madhu Matrix film.The scene was created with What you just saw was a part of the a few filming techniques .The camera really didn't really turn in a circle.Here another property of a circle is being used A Ferris Wheel
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