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Career Portfolios

No description

Susan forseille

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Career Portfolios

Career Portfolio Development
Susan Forseille, Student Employment Coordinator
Career Education Department, OM 1712
OM 1712, 250.371.5547

Career Portfolio Topics
What is a Career Portfolio?

Why do a Portfolio?

Master Portfolio

Personalized Portfolio

When to Use a Portfolio

What Are Employers Saying


“Port” – to carry/mobile “Folio” – artifact

A CP is a collection of artifacts which serve as evidence of a person’s qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience and achievements

An expanded resume

A marketing tool that shows potential and current employers what you can do and have done

"Think of a portfolio as your point-of-purchase product display. You need to make it enticing enough for the purchaser (i.e. prospective employer) to buy the product (i.e. you and your talents)," (source, Novacek, www.startribune.com)
What is a Career Portfolio?
Traditional binder portfolios

Electronic versions (website, PPT or WORD document)
Types of portfolios
Can give you an edge over other job candidates who simply tell and do not show

Supports what you verbalize to the employer

Demonstrates how much you want the job

Illustrates your style, ability and creative potential
Why do a Career Portfolio?
Provide the reader with a context for your abilities, education and experience

A useful aid in reviewing and reflecting on your skills, education and experience before a job interview - refreshing your mind and confirming why you’re a qualified candidate
Career Portfolios Can Also...
The process requires self reflection and analysis

The act of developing brings clarity to your career direction

When developing you begin thinking more broadly about your collection of talents, you think more deeply about who you are and what you want
For New Job
In an informational interview
While networking
Prior to a job interview (give 2-3 days to review)
During an interview (introduce in cover letter)
For a position out of town (send with resume)

Advancement in Career
Pay raise
Educational Advancement
For a position out of town (send with resume)

For Career Transition
Showcase skills and experience gained from other areas other than work
How and When To Use
Start now!
Gather all information or artifacts you have
Use your creativity
Begin by developing a MASTER PORTFOLIO
Process of Creating

What items do you think would be valuable in a portfolio?
Brainstorm Exercise
Artifacts For Your Master Portfolio
Cover Letter and Resume

Academic transcripts

Awards, scholarships, honors, certificates

Projects, reports, essays, presentations

Instructor’s notes on assignments

Dean’s list evidence

Class assignments and exams

Newspaper clippings

Evidence of volunteer work and/or community service

Copies of evaluations

Letters of reference/recommendation/appraisal

Memberships and Associations

Thank you notes

…pages that will creatively highlight your experience, education, abilities and skills, such as:

Statement and/or Philosophy (ie on customer service, hiring philosophy, recruiting strategy, etc)
List of research and other school projects
Personal Career Statement
Computer skill page
Education / Career goals
Marketing plans
Overview of executive support
Sample business letters
Also Consider Adding / Creating…
Keep Organized By…
Using a three ring binder and divider tabs to create a ‘Master Portfolio’

Dividing information into natural order

Up-dating and attending to regularly, this is a living document

Scanning or making copies of all artifacts
Use your MASTER PORTFOLIO as a resource to create individual Personalized Portfolios

These PERSONALIZED PORTFOLIOS are used when applying for specific jobs
What is a Personalized Portfolio?
A Personalized Portfolio offers an amazing demonstration of your:
Transferable skills
Work ethic and attitude
Attention to detail
Presentation skills
Why Personalized Portfolios?
Your depth of critical thought and transformation to the specific position you are applying
And Should Demonstrate…
Essential Elements to Include
in a Personalized Portfolio
Portfolio Introduction
Table of Contents
Resume and Cover Letter
Letters of reference/commendation/appraisal
Applicable certificates
Statement of confidentiality
Other items as related to position
Captions and narratives for each work sample
A paragraph or two introducing the purpose of your portfolio and why the particular contents are included

Can also use this section to share your career goals
Portfolio Introduction
This is a statement that demonstrates your professionalism and offers a small level of protection for you.
An example statement: The following work was prepared and organized for _______________. It is expected that this information will be held in strict confidence. No Part of this Career Portfolio may be reproduced or copied without expressed written consent from __________________.
Statement of Confidentiality
With each piece of information you put into your portfolio, ask yourself

Final Pieces…

http://www.amby.com/kimeldorf/sampler/intro.html#TOC (see relevance at bottom of each page)

http://amby.com/kimeldorf/Elaine's_portfolio.pdf (criminal justice)
In your team, discuss 3 pages to include in a personalized portfolio for the job posting you are given.

One of these pages MUST be a customized page

Do not use resume and cover letter – too easy!

Be prepared to share with the group.
Team Exercise
Make all information RELEVANT
Edit, Edit, Edit!! (swap with a friend)
Keep it professional
Take time to do an excellent job
Make it reader friendly and concise (economize)
Ask for feedback
Tips and Pointers
What Are Employers Saying?

‘Excellent way to showcase abilities and organization”

‘I see them like resumes 30 years ago…..sure can set the candidate apart.’

‘Will really give you a competitive advantage.’

‘Offers a ‘real’ window into the person’
You Tube Video - overview of what a career portfolio is...
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