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Curveball The Year I Lost My Grip

No description

Matt Paul

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Curveball The Year I Lost My Grip

Curveball The Year I Lost My Grip
Prezi Completed by Matt Paul

Main Characters
Peter Friedman-pitcher turned to photographer
Grampa Goldberg-photogragher and Peter's buddy
Angelika-Peter's photography partner who eventually becomes his girlfriend
A.J. Moore-Peter's best friend who pitches and catches
Peter's Parents

Freshman year in high school
Peter is a star pitcher for his baseball team. Baseball is his life and one of the best parts is that he gets to play with his best friend, A.J. Moore. His Grampa is a photographer who enjoys taking pictures of Peter in action.
Rising Action Including Conflict
The summer after eighth grade, Peter and A.J.'s baseball team made it to the league championship. Peter was the relief pitcher and he was trying to keep the 2-1 victory and help his team win the game. Peter was in a lot of pain while pitching. He had a stabbing ache in his left elbow. He was in pain for quite some time, but he was too scared to tell anyone so he kept it a secret until the pain got so bad that he passed out while pitching and fell to the ground. His baseball dreams quickly came to an end.
Rising Action Continued
Peter gets surgery on his elbow and finds out that he will never play baseball again. He is too scared to tell his best friend, A.J. because A.J. has big plans for them. Peter's mom encourages him to take a photography class where he meets Angelika who ends up becoming his girlfriend. They share a love of photography and end up taking great pictures together.
Peter and Angelika are hanging out at his house when Peter gets a frantic call from his Grampa. Grampa has forgotten who he is while out driving on a snowy night in his bathrobe without shoes. Angelika dials the police while Peter does his best to keep Grampa on the phone trying to find out his location.
Falling Action Including Resolution
Peter shares the secret about Grampa with his parents and they all work together to get him the care he needs now that he is officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Peter finally gets the nerve to tell A.J. that he will never be able to play baseball again. A.J. shares that he knew all along, but he wanted to hear him say it. Angelika and Peter continue to take pictures of all of the sports teams for the yearbook.
Through this novel, the author, Jordan Sonnenblick, was sending the message to not give up hope even if one dream gets shattered. Find a new dream and work to make it happen. Peter's dream of being a star pitcher in high school was taken away after his elbow injury; however, he found a new dream. He became a great photographer, like his Grampa.
My Opinion
I would definitely recommend this book to any teenager who enjoys reading about the power of friendship and the importance of family relationships. An added bonus is the sports connection. There are definitely parts that will make you laugh and parts that will make you think about staying true to those you love.
Rising Action Continued
Peter is extremely close with his Grampa and he begins to notice changes in his Grampa's actions. His Grampa gives away all of his photography equipment which is his love, forgets simple day to day things, falls in the bathroom, and puts sticky notes around his house to help him remember things. Peter's Grampa asks him to keep it a secret and Peter struggles with this information.
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