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The globalization of The Boeing Company

No description

Wang Xiqiao

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of The globalization of The Boeing Company

The Globalization of The Boeing Company
Do not only sell production and establish particular business in different countries but be the "local company" and be a composition of different regions and countries.
First aspect
Set up complete company in other places but not office or department
culture, government
Second aspect
cooperate with the supplier who could supply resources with high quality and low cost in the world
third aspect
fourth aspect

the company provide lessons for the managers to know the different history, policy, culture and tradition in different regions
Being in the environment of globalization, as a huge company, Boeing needs to improve itself to gain the competitiveness and its value in the market and in the world.
"Nestle" is one of the earliest company which determines to globalize itself in 1905. The way it globalized was not only selling the production in other countries but also being a part of the country. Many people in America, Brazil, France and some other countries look "Nestle" as a local company.
The way it tries to do it is learning from "Nestle"
Just like Boeing 787
carbon composite materials
Italy and America
other thousands of parts 
South Korea, Mexico, South Africa
and other countries
More companies do similar things
KFC's burger, Starbuck...
Also, to compete with Boering, other companies in aircraft industry try to achieve a strong globalization, too. Thus, the companies and the environment of globaliztion help each other to develop.
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