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Mentor Training

No description

Emma Radmilovic

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Mentor Training

The Sophomore Experience
Define the "sophomore slump." Why does this exist?

What concerned you the most when entering your sophomore year?

What was one of your major accomplishment?

Effective Mentoring - Pros and Cons
Group Activity Instructions:

1. Gather in groups of 6 around one of the posters.

2. Reflecting upon your own experience, jot down what constitutes as good or bad mentoring/advising. Use the prompt on the sheet to guide you.
Mentor Expectations
Meet at least 1 to 2 times with your mentee/s per month

You will be provided dinning dollars (1 Coffee date/per month)

Respond in a timely manner to their questions [Check Emails]

Use the CRC and MAPS Coordinators as a resource

Remember you may not always have the answers but rather you are facilitating problem solving
MAPS: Matched Advising Program For Sophomores
Mentor Training

Case Studies
Instructions: In groups of 5 respond appropriately to these case studies
Case Study # 3
Your mentee is having difficulty making connections with professors and faculty. He often says “I do not belong here,” and “I’m not good enough to be at Brown.” In office hours, he feels tongue-tied and he is struggling to get his assignments in on time. How would you advise?

Case Study # 1
Your mentee is having difficulty finding a time to meet with you because they have 3 campus jobs, TA a class, have an internship downtown, and take 5 classes. They have mentioned in the past that they sleep ~3-4 hours a night. How would you advise?
Things to Remember:

There’s no such thing as a perfect Mentor

Be available & show you care, always

Know your resources!

Check-in with Emma + Linda

MAPS Co-coordinators Linda Medina '18 & Emma Radmilovic'18
Case Study # 2
Your mentee has been having a difficult time in one of their classes and are at risk of failing. They turn to you for guidance, how would you help them out?
Curricular Resource Center Staffers
Campus Resources
ISP/GISP Advising
- Morgan Patrick '16.5 & Sierra Clark '17

Independant Concentration Advising
- Neil Wathore '17 & Dolma Ombadykow '17

- Ryan Greene '16.5 & Matt Dang '17

DUG Involvement
- Meg Mori ‘17 & Alexis Rodriguez-Camacho '18

Fellowships, Internships, Research Experiences (FIRE)
- Victor Bramble '17

Dean Margaret Chang margaret_chang@brown.edu
Curricular Resource Center (CRC)


Dean of the College

Writing Center/ Academic Coaching Workshops

Office of International Programs (OIP)


Office of Student Life (OSL)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
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