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Pictures of Hollis Woods

No description

sakiyo m

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Pictures of Hollis Woods

Pictures of Hollis Woods
By Patricia Giff

Book Summary
A Foster Cared Child
By: Sakiyo Mohamud

Hollis Wood's Journey
Hollis Woods was her name . She lost her family and ended up in foster care .She runs away when she gets tired of a family.She ran away from several different homes. Finally she met Josie. Josie and Hollis got along by going to the movie theaters. Also, they snuck into Steven's home and stayed there for a few days while his family were staying in their winter house. Josie now wants to go back home but hollis doesn't have a home. Josie's cousin, Beatrice went out of town to paint a drawing of a desert.Later in the book Josie loses her memory.Through all those times Steven keeps roaming in Hollis's head. She always thinks that she ruined Steven's whole family. Is she ever going to find a true family?

.in foster-care
.loves to draw
.doesn't go to school often
Non-fiction Connection
Making a difference
.active, cheerful
American children spend an average of just over 3 years in foster care after they become eligible for adoption.More than 1\3 of Americans have considered adopting, but no more than 2% actually adopted. Did you know that children under 1 year waiting for adoption is 4%? There are more orphans in the world than there are people the UK and France combined. So do you think people should adopt?
If I was the main character, was in foster care,and got sent to a family, I wouldn't run away like Hollis did. I would just be thankful that I have a new family. Also I would try to fit in and get along with my new family. What would you do?
following a movement
Hollis meandered back and forth to different homes
a hurt of pain
The setting took place in Longs Island, New York. It is present during this time.The beautiful season of winter is beginning and soon it will be Christamas.
I think the theme of this book is making a difference. This story is all about making changes. Hollis is always going to different homes and has diffeent feelings each time.
Book Recommendation
Well-written Description
'' the old man drawing with a flesh-peach pencil.''
the color of peach and a pencil is being compared
''how about w for wish,for want , or for wouldn't it be lovely''
this sentence is using alliteration because of the mutiple of W's
''Hollis is a mountain of trouble''
this is showing a metaphor by comparing and not using like or as
The conflict of this book is mainly about Hollis not finding a home that she likes.She tries to deal with this problem by getting along with the family. Also,if she does not like the family she runs away.
happy mood of joy
Hollis was ecstatic when she met Josie
I recommend you to read this book if you like to read about realistic-fiction.I rate this book 5 stars.I liked the story because of its mystery.
Josie felt a pinprick in her eye when the room filled with light.
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