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Social Studies Seminars Roadmap

No description

Matt Doran

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Social Studies Seminars Roadmap

Guiding Principles
1. Inquiry Learning
2. Disciplinary Thinking
3. Performance Assessment
4. Informed Civic Action
1. Inquiry Learning
Less is More - Focus on Depth
Overarching Essential Questions
Unit Compelling Questions
Student-Driven Inquiry
Research Emphasis
2. Disciplinary Thinking
Tools and Skills of the Disciplines: History; Issues-Centered History/Geoliteracy; Political Science; Social/Behavior Sciences
Literacy in History/Social Studies Standards
Evaluating Sources and Using Evidence
3. Performance Assessment
Project-Based Learning
Real World Problem Solving
Interdisciplinary Connections
Career Connections
Speaking & Listening Skills
Technology Presentations
4. Informed Civic Action
Current Events/Issues Connections
Civic Engagement Tools and Actions
Civic Dispositions

Skills and Reasoning
Learning Targets
Instructional Resources
Social Studies Seminars

African-American Studies, Global Issues, Law, Sociology/Psychology
1. Construct compelling questions that focus on enduring issues and concerns.

2. Apply disciplinary concepts and tools.
African-American Studies - Lens: History
Global Issues - Lens: Issues-Centered History/Geoliteracy
Law - Lens: Political Science
Sociology/Psychology - Lens: Social/Behavior Sciences

Gather and evaluate sources

4. Communicate evidence-based conclusions and take informed action.

Research Tools
World Book Student
Points of View Reference Center

Google Docs Research Tool
Social Studies Instructional Resource Portal

Learning Targets
Recommended Performance Tasks
Research Tools
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