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Global trends in BIM research-Amarnath CB

No description

Amarnath CB

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Global trends in BIM research-Amarnath CB

Model Uses
An Overview of Global Research Trends in BIM from Analysis of BIM Publications
Amarnath CB, Yun-Tsui Chang & Shang-Hsien Hsieh
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Domain Model Use
General Model Use
Custom Model Use
BIM Fields - Most researched countries
Interactive map for Categorization of Global BIM Publications into BIM Fields, PLC stages & BIM Uses
Global trends in BIM publications
Categorizations of BIM publications into Project life cycle stages
Country-wise BIM publications
Globally, 19 highly researched DMUs.
BIM publications classification by research directions
Model Uses categories & series
Source: Model uses Taxonomy, URL: http://www.bimframework.info/paper-a10/
This study aims at critical assessment of the BIM research in building’s project life cycle, with the aim of bringing together the present-day body of knowledge from global research outputs & delivering a comprehensive & collective perspective of BIM till date.
Objective of this Study
Introduction & methodology
USA & UK has 100+ featured BIM publications
Australia & China close to 100 &
Other countries less than or close to 50
Isikdag, U. & Underwood, J. (2010). A Synopsis of the Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling. Proceedings of CIB 2010 World Building Congress. May: Salford, MA, 2010.
BIM Fields
2 DMUs & 60 CMUs were identified as new and added in our study
Out of 52 GMUs, majority of publications fall into 16 GMUs category
& these 16 GMUs is represented here.
BIM research started booming from 2010. USA, the UK, China & Australia have researched & published large volumes of
BIM publications.

Process simulation & monitoring, building information services & standardization are most researched
BIM fields/directions
Real life cases and lean & green BIM fields are the emerging ones.

Researchers in North American & European countries focus more on the “standardization” & “building information services”
BIM fields/directions
, while researchers in emerging Asian countries focus more on the “process simulation & monitoring” direction.

Parametric modeling is the most explored

Planning & designing and simulation & quantifying are most researched
DMU series
While, Constructing & fabricating and Operation & maintaining DMU series are the potential areas to be explored.

Design authoring, construction planning, cost estimation & laser scanning are widely researched

BIM implementation and BIM for CCC are most explored

Ongoing work
Includes, social networking analysis, project life cycle associated analysis, keywords analysis, publication sources analysis, etc. for delivering the road map for future BIM research & identifying BIM related research gaps.

Suggestions on current & ongoing works are appreciated.
Thank you
BIM ThinkSpace. (2015). Episode 24: Understanding Model Uses. Retrieved from BIM Think Space website:http://www.bimthinkspace.com/, accessed on September 10, 2015.

Cheng, J.C.P. & Lu, Q. (2015). A Review of the Efforts and Roles of the Public Sector for BIM Adoption Worldwide, Journal of Information Technology in Construction, 20 (October), 442–478.

Cooper, H.M. (1988). Organizing knowledge syntheses: A taxonomy of literature reviews. Knowledge in Society, 1 (x), 104-126.

Isikdag, U. & Underwood, J. (2010). A Synopsis of the Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling. Proceedings of CIB 2010 World Building Congress. May: Salford, MA, 2010.

Kassem, M., Succar, B., & Dawood, N. (2014). Building Information Modeling: analyzing noteworthy publications of eight countries using a knowledge content taxonomy' in R. Issa & S. Olbina (Eds.), Building Information Modeling: applications and practices in the AEC industry, ASCE Technical Council on Computing and IT. University of Florida.

Kreider, R. & Messner, J. (2015). A Model Use Ontology. Proceedings of CIB 2015 World Building Congress.

Merschbrock, C. & Erik Munkvold, B. (2012). A research review on building information modeling in construction-an area ripe for is research. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 31(1), 207–228.
Conceptual boundaries
Lean & Green
Emergency response
Process simulation & monitoring
Building information services
Building & geo-information integration
Industry-wide adoption
Education & training
Real-life cases
Emerging Asian countries
North American & European countries
North American & European countries
BIM publication data
1500+ BIM publications
65 Countries
25 Years BIM publication data
Literature search process
Querying scholarly databases
Journal search
Searching by topic using the keywords
Backward & forwards searches, i.e. referenced & cited papers
BIM publication screening
with typical evaluation criteria applied, 1500+ BIM publications were screened to 1000 featured BIM publications
BIM Publications were tagged with
publication type, author(s),
year of publication, country & region,
BIM fields,
Project life cycle stages
BIM Uses
Analysis & Visualization
BIM publications were analyzed & visualized, quantitatively & qualitatively under the three BIM research frameworks, i.e.
BIM research compass (Iskidag & Underwood, 2010), Model uses (BIM ThinkSpace, 2015) &
Project life cycle stages.

52 GMUs
73 DMUs
No fixed number of CMUs
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