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No description

Shun Ohyama

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Shun

Graphing on a coordinate plane By shun&shuhei Graphing on a coordinate plane is... In the coordinate plane, or the rectangular coordinate system, the vertical y-axis and the horizontal x-axis intersect at a point called the origin. How to make Graphing on a coordinate plane Step1: Draw a cross on your sheet of graph paper. These two perpendicular lines form X- and Y-axes of the coordinate plane. Step 2: Number the points along the X- and Y-axes. First, label the point where they intersect with a "0." Then, label each point up the Y axis and out the X axis to the right with positive integers, starting with "1" and moving up. Step3: Label the points down the Y axis and out the X axis to the left with negative integers, beginning with "-1" and continuing until you've reached the end of the line. Step4: Pick a point to graph on the coordinate plane. Each point will have an X coordinate and a Y coordinate corresponding to its spot on each axis. For example, consider the point "(3, 2)." Step 5: Move your pencil out the X-axis until you find the first number in the parentheses. In our example, this is "3." Step6: Count up from this spot on the X-axis until you've reached the second number in the parentheses on the Y-axis. Using our sample point, this would be "2."And mark the point on the graph with your pencil.
Example 1.

Graph: y = 2

Solution: This equation indicates that all
the y coordinates to be
graphed are 2. Pick any
two ordered pairs with 2 as
the y coordinate and graph.
Example2: graph the line for ; y= -1/2x-1
Example 3

Graph: y = 2x + 1

y = 2(0) + 1
y = 1
An x-coordinate of 0 was selected.
The equation was solved for y.
The resulting ordered pair is (0,1).
x | y
0 | 1
1 | 3
2 | 5
-1 |-1
The process described above
repeated 4 times. The results are
shown to the left in table form.
Thank you!
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