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Why Sprint for Business

No description

Jay Noschese

on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of Why Sprint for Business

Why Sprint ? We understand the challenges you face and are committed to help solve them. Sprint brings the experience and competitive edge to our business practices. Sprint has the people, network and partners dedicated to support the unique needs of business customers. Sprint delivers on the promise of customer support and network dependability. Sprint leads the industry with our robust portfolio, designed to meet real business problems. Our Unique Position Differentiated
Products leader in Direct Connect, Mobile Broadband, and business mobility application VoIP converged and managed services not a legacy LEC like AT&T or Verizon EXPERT PEOPLE account teams cover all services & products specific industry solutions experts World Class Platforms Wireless leadership with CDMA, iDEN, and 4G WiMAX networks (built from the
ground up) seamless interoperability in IMS core 100% Cisco-powered global IP backbone Sprint's Firsts Mobile Broadband Network: > Built first all-digital
wireless network ('96) > First RevA network ('06) > First U.S. wireless
carrier to launch 4G ('09) > First 4G phones, 3G/4G dual-mode
"shareable" Mobile Broadband devices ('10) Sprint's Firsts Nextel Direct Connect: > Launched push-talk service ('97) and international direct connect ('04) > First push-talk BlackBerry smartphone w/ Wi-Fi and group connect ('09) > Motorola i1, first-ever
Android push-talk device
w/ touch screen TELECOM
LEADER Fortune 100
Company Serve 93% of
Fortune 500
companies One of world's
largest retailers First national carrier
to offer 4G Strong, dependable
3G network No one has a larger
voice calling area World's largest push-to-talk
community on nation's fastest
push-to-talk network Secure and reliable Global IP
network with reach to 165 countries Invested nearly
$19 billion to
since 2006 "No one has a more reliable network than Sprint based on a recent 13 city 3G performance test"
- PC World Recognized
Sprint as
the best
choice for
business - Yankee Group
US Carrier Satisfaction Survey
January 28, 2010 Sprint 4G beats T-Mobile HSPA+ on uplink speeds in 8 of 10 markets where Sprint 4G has been tested Sprint ranks #1
in wireline Enterprise
Voice and Data Value - 2010 Atlantic-ACM Business Connectivity Report Multi-year initiative to provide an enhanced network experience featuring: > Improved voice quality > Faster data > Increased network flexibility (Total estimated investment
cost of $4 or $5 billion) Expected Customer Benefits Coverage: Improved reach and overall performance of radio signals Devices: New chipsets reduce dropped calls PTT: Next-gen PTT services with high speed data capabilities v
SAFETY EDUCATION INSURANCE MANUFACTURING HEALTHCARE CONSTRUCTION TRANSPORTATION FINANCE & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Operational efficiencies and profit growth Competitive advantages Applications allowing employees to access all phases of the catastrophe claim handling process. Provides access to back office systems from loss locations and customers' homes and offices. Risk and Compliance Avoid costly security breeches by properly managing data security through mobile applications and managed services. Work order management Dispatch job notifications and daily work schedules directly to workers' devices in near real time. On-site administrative functions Wireless time tracking solutions track time and critical functions at the job site, integrating to back office systems. Field safety and accountability Asset tracking, management, and bar code scanning monitor equipment for maintenance and safe operations. Field services and work order management Automate remote dispatch and scheduling of technicians and support personnel and data collection Sales Automation Access Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management applications remotely, allowing sales reps to monitor sales statistics Campus/production line solutions Enhances in-building coverage across facilities and replaces or augments LMR with push-to-talk instant communications. Field Management Supervise mobile workers quickly and easily with wireless and web-based management technology. GPS Tracking Use GPS technology software to generate powerful web-based maps and reports to view mobile employees' location and activity. Fleet Management Access to a robust portfolio of engine diagnostics, fuel efficiency gauges, route optimizations, GPS coordinates, and other fleet data. Asset Tracking Implement route scheduling and automation to monitor shipment location, equipment, and people across the supply chain to set customer expectations. Loss Prevention Immediate access to inventory and customer data, decreasing loss, increasing inventory accuracy, and monitor product and employee location. Mobile and instant communications solutions Extend key information easily and securely across the company and instantly connect individuals or groups. Safety and emergency management solutions Access plans and updates for utilization during crisis situations and offer alerting and notification to improve safety. Student technology solutions Offer the latest wireless communications technology while providing access to 3G Mobile Broadband and GPS technology. Connectivity solutions Increase a district or university's wireless coverage and capacity, while providing students and staff the ability to connect anytime and virtually anywhere. Increase public protection Connect the entire management process, from dispatch to navigation to record keeping quickly and seamlessly. Collaborate with multiple agencies Map and analyze data gathered, aiding in Public Safety investigations and improving operational efficiency. Increase response times Reroute Public Safety vehicles due to heavy traffic, inclement weather, or emergency situations. Branch and mobile banking solutions Provides wireless, secure data access for branches and employees, while connecting customers to account information Sales information access High-speed connections give mobile sales forces access to customer information, management tools, and existing loan applications. Business continuity and disaster recovery Enables communications and connectivity during emergency situations through notification of current plans, maps, call lists, and escalation procedures on smart devices. Mobility and security Provides physicians and other medical professionals fast and secure wireless access to sensitive patient information. Mobile Healthcare applications Access to patient management, tracking, coding, drug reference, and lab result applications in near real time. Instant communication in urgent situations One-touch instant communication allows physicians and nurses to consult with colleagues quickly and efficiently End of 2Q 2011 Sprint serves over 52M customers $8.3B of revenue in 2Q $267M in free cash flow for 2Q $4.3B in cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments $5.2B in total liquidity So this is what
it's all about... Advanced
Business 3G / 4G Network Direct Connect Field Workflow Management Machine to Machine "Anwhere Enterprise" Customer
Support "Sprint is the #1 Most improved company in customer satisfaction, across all industries, over the last three years" -2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index "Sprint leads among all carriers in call satisfaction and first call resolution." - Vocalab 1/25/11 First Call Resolution and Customer Satisfaction improved for 13 straight quarters. Sprint is one of the few major carriers that offers dedicated care support, the #1 reason for customer loyalty among business consumers. Wireless and Wireline satisfaction for Business Customers showed continued improvement over our competitors. - Gfk Survey BRAND Integration of wireless and wireline with Sprint Mobile Integration Mobile office with 4G/3G Overdrive Pro Instant communication and asset tracking with Nextel Direct Connect solutions PRODUCTIVITY VALUE "#1 in Overall Satisfaction for Voice and Data Service among large business customers." - Yankee Group, U.S. Carrier Satisfaction Survey, 2010 Lower your costs using Any Mobile/Any Time with Business Advantage plans SIMPLICITY Create one point of contact for all account services Provide renowned customer care through dedicated care Provide simple price plans tailored to Business, while eliminating fear of overages 3G/4G
NETWORK International
Solutions More than 1.5 times the coverage of AT&T's
3G Network based on square miles. Large portfolio of Mobile Broadband devices Mobile
Broadband security Beating AT&T, Verizon well worth the investment Higher capacity, capable of meeting unlimited data needs for business and delivering a better data experience. DEVICES Sprint ID Allows businesses to create an ID Pack that provides a unique user experience for employees with a customized device interface. Wireline: Global IP MPLS Network Managed Services Global Account Management and Customer Support Wireless: International Sprint and Nextel Devices Voice capabilities in 30+ countries Data capabilities in 15 countries Dedicated International Wireless Customer Support Environmental
Leadership Industry leading wireless recycling efforts Industry leading use of renewable energy Industry leading commitment to
greenhouse gas reduction First U.S. wireless carrier to establish a set of environmental/design criteria for future devices Establishing a "greenprint" for every Sprint store refurbishment and new building Three of the four "green" devices in U.S. market are offered through Sprint Named 6th in Newsweek's Top 500 Corporation "Green Rankings" IP Convergence Managed Services & Security Managed Network Services, Security Services, and IP Telephony Mobility Management AND... We're the only national carrier who still offers unlimited data plans. Community
Involvement Active employment
volunteer program Committed to internet safety for kids Sprint Foundation charitable giving in areas such as K-12 education, youth development, community development, and arts & culture Extensive disaster relief program Diverse workforce, strong supplier diversity program That's Why Sprint.
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