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Copy of The Role of Animal Care Staff during Animal Immobilizations

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Hope Boundaway

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Role of Animal Care Staff during Animal Immobilizations

The Role of Animal Care Staff
During Animal Immobilizations

Plenty of Preparation
Show Time!
Communicate with Zoo Hospital
Your Curator or Assistant Curator will get the scoop prior to the procedure:

Date, Time, Location
Goals of the Procedure
What to Expect
What ZH needs from your staff
training aspects
Gather Necessary Items
Like What???
3 Main Roles for Animal Care Staff


It Takes a Village
Your Curator or Assistant Curator will notify other zoo departments if necessary:

transporting an animal
containing public
Other drivers
Stick to the Plan, Stan!
Your Assistant Curator will prepare a plan for your crew and go over it with you:

Know your assigned role during the procedure and stick to it.
Understand the roles of the rest of your crew.
Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Have nothing for the animal to get caught up in.
empty pockets: no cell phones, keys, radios, jewelry, etc.
Know what you need for yourself physically.
sweatshirt? gum? extra breakfast? stretches? are you wearing clean underwear?
Mentally prepare.
certain aspects of procedures may be difficult to watch
keep your emotions in check during the procedure
The Basics
Zoo Hospital will conduct their pre-game huddle
Know where all your exits are
Do not block the exits
Stick to your assigned role
Be aware of DART members and their role
No talking
Actively listen
Eye contact
Stay aware of your surroundings
staff (including DART), your footing, animal's position, etc.
Assist Zoo Hospital with tasks when told
No excess staff (observers in safe area)
Have a Brief Debriefing with Your Crew:

What did you learn?
What questions do you have?

Your Assistant Curator will follow up with Zoo Hospital on post-procedure husbandry:

Food? Water?
Stall rest?
Back with conspecifics?

Take Ibuprofen before bedtime. :)
What's My Line?
Training Aspects
Hand injection, chute/crate training, weight, tactiles, body positioning, etc.

On a door
how the door operates
when you are expected to open/close
who is in the area, who may need assistance getting out in an emergency

Restraining animal

Moving/Repositioning animal
be aware of injection site and immobilization drugs used
not in a corner, never twist gut, sternal vs lateral, legs tucked, etc.

On the head
head up/nose down, watch respiration

know your limits and communicate clearly when you need to switch out

Watching during recovery
reporting behavior, timing, effects of reversal drugs, etc
Fitting it in
Regardless of the procedure, all our normal daily tasks still need to be completed.

Plan ahead.

What can you do the day before to alleviate your workload on procedure day?
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