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The Apple Watch

No description

Natalie Stewart

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch
I have produced a presentation on Apple's latest technology, The Apple Watch. Within the presentation I will be discussing the product along with what benefits and drawbacks consumers and business may experience using this device.
Natalie Stewart
First of all, lets take a look at what Apple themselves have to say..
The UK release date is 24 April 2015. Apple began to accept pre-orders in store and online on 10 April 2015. Prices range from £299 to a whopping £9,500.
The price makes no difference to the software, it is purely down to design.
The Apple Watch relies on an iPhone to work to its best ability. This could be a major drawback for consumers. You would have to already of bought into the Apple brand to take full advantage of this device.
This is one of the most personal devices brought to consumers to date. It introduces new ways to communicate, promotes health and fitness through its range of apps with extremely precise time keeping.
It makes communicating simpler for everyone. Apple have combined a personal watch, telephone, camera, mp3 player into one with additional extras to make it that little bit more special.
To date, it is not known to be available on a pay-monthly basis, like their past devices. The steep price-range could stop many consumers from purchasing The Apple Watch.
TechRadar, a well-known technology reviews company have given the world their review on the latest product.

In an IT business environment this device would be perfect for employees setting themselves reminders of project deadlines quickly and sufficiently with voice notes. It could be extremely useful for senior employees to keep in contact prior to important meetings.
However, there are drawbacks. At the price of these small devices you would need to ensure they are worth integrating into your business' routine. And at a battery life of 18 hours, would they last through-out your entire working day?
In conclusion, the Apple Watch is brilliantly crafted device. With its several choices of design to suit personal preference and wide selection of apps, its sure to be a hit with consumers worldwide. The large spectrum of pricing will allow Apple's most loyal consumers to get their hands on this latest gadget but at a minimum spend of £299 on the Apple Watch that will constantly rely on your iPhone, its worthiness could be debatable.
Apple UK. (2015). The Apple Watch. Available: http://store.apple.com/uk/watch. Last accessed 10/04/2015.
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