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No description

Natasha Wallace

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of SWOT ANAYLISIS

Brand SWOT
Store SWOT Analysis
Bicester Village Store
Dame Vivienne Westwood is a English Fashion Designer, Who is largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashion into main stream.
Vivienne also links her designs to her political causes (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, climate change)
A very professionally competitive brand.
A Strong brand style and ethos.
World wide acknowledged brand name and logo.
A recognizable distinctive style.
Making an impact on important environmental projects.
The brand growth keeps increasing becoming more recognizable.
A unique style which might not suite all.
Up incoming designers.
Ever changing trends.
Economy changes.
Brand expansion to compete with competitors while keeping the unique appeal.
Located in a retail outlet village.
65% of customers at BV are tourists
Located with a range of luxury retailers.
Over 130 Brands located in the village.
Footfall is 4.6 Million plus.
High footfall.
Located with high end brands which attract the right market.
Lots of tourists which result in more new customers.
Unique compared to other brands in BV.
Christmas rush resulting in more sales.
Discounted Prices resulting in more sales.
Competing against other high end brands.
Located at the end of BV which could change footfall.
Easy to access with trains, Bus's and free car park.
Economy status.
Weather as is an outdoor shopping experiences.
A unique brand identity.
However means the area attracts the right customers.
With the discounted prices this could result in more sales.
This could be corrected with the right advertising.
This could also be seen as a USP
However Vivienne Westwood is already a well known established brand.
But Viveene Westwood is a trend setting brand.
This however is a USP for a well known brand.
This can be monitored with KPI
This can be monitored with KPI
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