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Everything to know about Kingdom Hearts

since i completed every single game i know everything about kingdom hearts. this is for people who wants to learn more and why its just awesome. i'm obsessed with Kingdom hearts i'm the all-knower [f this game. Hope this helps and hope you enjoy!

Kathryn Ganner

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of Everything to know about Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom hearts Birth by Sleep Main characters: Terra Aqua Ventus Master Eraqus Vanitas Master Xehanort GOOD BAD Keyblades: Earthshaker X-Blade Worlds: Land of Departure Enchanted Dominion Dwarf woodlands Castle of Dreams Radiant Garden Disneytown Olympus Coliseum Deep Space Neverland Keyblade Graveyard Destiny islands Videos: BBS begining BBS ending BBS secret ending (this makes sense if you saw the KH Re:coded ending/secret ending) English Ventus and Vanitas Keyblade Graveyard (pronounced key-blade) (sorry its in japanese) English English English Kingdom Hearts 1 Main Characters: Unversed Sora Kairi Riku Donald Goofy GOOD BAD Ansem (Heartless) Maleficent Pete Heartless!!! Story: Terra has been training for the mark of mastery with his friends, following their dream of being true keyblade masters. But when Master Xehanort comes to watch Terra and Aqua reach the Mark of Mastery, the darkness conquers, having Terra not reach the Mark of Mastery. Rage and Hatred change Terra forever. Master Xehanort tells him he can lose the darkness if he is his apprentice. He agrees, and his about to leave when Ventus yells for him. Terra ruffles his hair. "its ok." he says, and is on his way. His first world is Enchanted Dominion. This is where his journey begins. Aqua, kind and caring to her friends, made good luck charms the night before for the test the next day
"Technically, i think you're supposed to make them out of seashells, but i did the best with what i had." she said to her friends. But when her and Terra try for the Mark of Mastery, only her reached it, making her no longer a keyblade wielder, but a keyblade master. After a talk with Master Eraqus, they walk outside and see Terra leave, and then Ventus. "You must bring him back!" Eraqus tells Aqua. She goes after him, and ends up in Castle of Dreams. This is where her journey begins. Ventus came in later in the story. He was brought by Master Xehanort to train to be a keyblade master, but is like five years younger then Terra and Aqua. He watches the battle of the Mark of Mastery, and when he sees Terra not reach it, he feels sad. When he returns to his room, he sees a masked figure-Vanitas-there. He tells him that Terra will be succumbed by darkness unless something changes. He runs after Terra who goes to Enchanted Dominion, but he ends up in Dwarf Woodlands. This is where his journey begins. Long before Sora became a keyblade wielder, there were other keyblade wielders. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus have been training under the apprenticeship of Master Eraqus, to reach the Mark of Mastery, and become true Keyblade Masters. Theme song: Simple and Clean Keyblades: Kingdom Key Wishing Star Lady Luck Olympia Metal Chocobo Jungle King Three Wishes Crabclaw Pumpkinhead Spellbinder Fairy Harp Oathkeeper Oblivion Ultima Weapon Worlds: Destiny Islands Wonderland Traverse Town Olympus Coliseum Deep Jungle Agrabah Atlantica Monstro Halloween Town Neverland Hollow Bastion Theme song:
Simple and clean Videos: Beginning Ending (this totally made me cry) Secret Ending Story: Now it is after Birth by Sleep, and Sora and his friends are living on Destiny Islands, all peaceful and whatnot. Sora, Riku, and Kairi were all planning to see other worlds together, out on adventures too impossible to imagine. But a mysterious dark cloud emerges in the sky the night before they were going to set off on their journey. Sora asks Riku what's going on and Riku has Sora bring out something; a sword shaped like a key. He fights the dark things that are roaming the island,but the whole island collapses, and Sora is seperated from his friends. He ends up in a town; Traverse Town. He wakes up with a dog next to him and he runs off, Sora chasing him. He eventually runs into Donald and Goofy, who become friends for life. This was the day he learned that there are many worlds besides his own, and learns his great power. The greatest journey of all time has begun. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories The battle system is cards. Attacks, magic, items, everything.Even Donald and Goofy are cards Main Characters: GOOD Sora Donald Goofy Mickey Namine Bad: Marluxia Larxene Vexen Axel Dark Riku Story: So right after KH1,Sora and his friends were following pluto and they somehow drifted off to sleep. Sora wakes up in the middle of the night, walks about 1/10 mile, and comes to a crossroad.
A person in an Organization XIII coat behind him says "along the road lies ahead something you need" (Sora turns around, person behind him again) "In order to find it, you must lose something that is dear to you." (Person dissapears, and there is only one road.) They take the road and they come to Castle Oblivion (Formerly known as Land of Departure) They walk in and they see a man; the same one from before. He gives him a tutorial on the "cards" and he goes room-to-room, world-to-world. Each room is a memory, someplace he has been. No one remembers Sora at all. He goes through many "worlds" and he goes to 2 new ones; Twilight town and Castle Oblivion. He finds out about someone who has been taking his memory apart and putting new ones in. But who exactly is "Namine"? And what is the "Organization XIII"? This new journey has just begun, and is far from over. Keyblades: For the games, play in this order:
Terra-Ventus-Aqua. It makes no sense any other way Shadow Invisible Guard Armor Kingdom Key Wishing star Lady Luck Olympia Metal Chocobo Jungle King Three Wishes Crabclaw Spellbinder Pumpkinhead Worlds: Destiny Islands Traverse Town Wonderland Olympus Coliseum Agrabah Atlantica Twilight Town Castle Oblivion Treasure Trove Stroke of Midnight Fairy Stars Mark of a Hero Hyperdrive Pixie Petal Ends of the Earth Terra (not shown-Chaos Ripper,Ultima Weapon) Ventus Wayward Wind Treasure Trove Stroke of Midnight Fairy Stars Mark of a Hero Hyperdrive Pixie Petal Frolic Flame (not shown-Lost Memory,Ultima Weapon) Aqua Rainfell Treasure Trove Stroke of Midnight Fairy Stars Mark of a Hero Hyperdrive Pixie Petal Stormfall (not shown-Destiny's Embrace,Ultima Weapon) (Not shown-Fairy Harp,Oblivion) Oathkeeper (Not shown-Halloween town,Monstro,Neverland,Hollow Bastion) Videos: Beginning Sora&Namine/Axel&Larxene Larxene battle 1/2 Larxene battle 2/2 The truth of Namine Vexen battle/death Marluxia battle 1/3 After the battles Ending Kingdom Hearts Reverse/Rebirth Main characters: GOOD Riku Mickey BAD Lexeaus Zexion Axel Ansem(Heartless) Battle system-cards,but they give you a deck instead of you customizing it. Dark Riku (changes form in battles when needed) Worlds: (Not shown-Halloween town,Monstro,Neverland,Hollow Bastion) Destiny Islands Traverse Town Wonderland Olympus Coliseum Agrabah Atlantica Twilight Town Castle Oblivion Videos: Weapon-Soul Eater Beginning (you can stop watching when he actually runs around fighting heartless) Hollow Bastion battle/Ansem (only need to watch until scene stops) Zexion/Lexeaus/Vexen/Mickey Lexeaus battle Ending Story: When Sora is going through the floors of Castle Oblivion, Riku is running up the basement floors. Same castle, same world floors, but different enemies. Riku is trying to conquer the darkness within him, finding his friends, and let in the light. However, a voice keeps telling him to "embrace it, feel it, control it." His first card-world, Hollow Bastion, is where this 15-year-old journey begins. Kingdom Hearts Series Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days Main characters: Roxas Axel Xion GOOD Mickey Namine Riku Pete BAD (remember this is Roxas's side of the story. who might not be bad to you is bad to him) OTHER Xemnas Xigbar Xaldin Vexen Lexeaus Zexion Saix Demyx Luxord Marluxia Larxene I II III VI IV V VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV Worlds: Twilight Town Wonderland Beast's Castle Agrabah Olympus Coliseum Neverland Halloween town The Castle That Never Was Keyblades: (since this game has the panel system, they do not have regular names. They're all type of "Gears" but i'll try to give a specific name, and i couldn't really find pics either) Ultima Weapon Row 1 2 3 4 5 6 Keyblade 1 Keyblade 2 Keyblade 3 Keyblade 4 Kingdom Key Oathkeeper Oblivion Kingdom Key Missing Arch Ominous Blight Abaddon Plasma Pain of Solitude Sign of Innocence Crown of Guilt Abyssal Tide None/Zero Gear Lift Gear Skill Gear Technical Gear Duel Gear Loaded Gear Chrono Gear Phantom Gear Leviathan Nimble Gear True Light's Flight Wild Gear Rejection of Fate Ominous Gear Midnight Roar Valor Gear Glimpse of Darkness Fearless Gear Total Eclipse Prestige Gear Silent Dirge Crisis Gear Lunar Eclipse Omega Gear Darker than Dark Hazard Gear Astral Blast Rage Gear Maverick Flare Champion Gear Twilight Blaze Ultimate Gear Omega Weapon Pandora's Gear Umbrella Casual Gear Mystery Gear Aubade Oathkeeper Zero Gear w/ Ability unit Two become One Zero Gear w/ 2 Ability units Story: During and after Castle Oblivion, Roxas joins Organization XIII as the XIII member. He is, so far, the only Keyblade wielder, so he is the only one who can collect hearts. The Organization's goal: complete Kingdom Hearts, and get hearts of their own. Soon after Roxas joins, a new member, number XIV, joins the Organization. Roxas and Axel and her become friends, and it seemed as that the trio was inseperable. Roxas and her don't remember their pasts, unlike the other Organization members. But soon, the number drops from XIV to IX, as V of the members are eliminated at Castle Oblivion. Number XIV, Xion, thinks she remembers things about her past, but her "memories" are someone elses. As her truth unfolds, the friendship breaks apart. But what is Kingdom Hearts? Start on day 7, where the journey begins. Videos: Beginning/ Theme song: Sanctuary Number XIV Xion's defeat Namine and Diz why the sun sets red memories Xion's dream Xion's capture Riku and Xion Roxas leaves the organization Axel and Xion Xion and Roxas Xion's death scene Roxas and Riku Xion's last words Ending (this is the start of KH2) Kingdom Hearts 2 Main characters: GOOD Keyblades: Gull Wing Sweet Memories Hidden Dragon Mysterious Abyss Sleeping Lion Circle of Life Fenrir Fatal Crest ---- ---- Guardian Soul Follow the Wind Bond of Flame Hero's Crest Wishing Lamp Star Seeker Photon Debugger Rumbling Rose Dicisive Pumpkin Monochrome Sora Theme song: Simple and Clean Theme song: Simple and Clean Donald Goofy Kairi Riku Mickey Roxas BAD (this totally made me cry) Xemnas Xigbar Xaldin Saix Axel Demyx Luxord Theme song: Simple and Clean Replica Riku Worlds: Twilight Town Disney Castle The Land Of Dragons Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden The Castle that Never was Beast's Castle Olympus Coliseum Atlantica Port Royal Halloween Town Agrabah Pride Lands Heartless and Nobodies Theme song: Sanctuary Videos: Beginning Roxas part 1 Roxas part 2 Roxas part 3 Roxas part 4 Heartless Heartless Roxas part 6 (only have to watch until battle scene) Roxas part 7 Roxas part 8 Roxas part 9 Roxas part 10 Roxas part 11 Roxas part 12 part 5 wasn't important Roxas part 13 Roxas part 14 Roxas part 15/Sora's awakening (sorry there is so many videos kingdom hearts 2 is sorta complicated without them. Roxas is really important :) Sora in Twilight Town (you can stop watching after the Sandlot) A new journey part 1 A new journey part 2 Yen sid Sora's new clothes Demyx battle/death Xaldin battle/death Sora vs Roxas Axel battle/death Xigbar battle/death The Reunion Luxord/Saix battles/deaths Final Battle part 1 Final battle part 2 Final battle part 3 Final battle part 4 Ending part 1 Ending part 2 Secret Ending Sepiroth battle Story: After Sora and Riku have gone through Castle Oblivion, a new story begins: Roxas. Roxas is a boy living in Twilight Town with his friends Hayner, Pence, and Olette. They go off and investigate the towns seven wonders, including the ghost train and the haunted mansion. After going through battles with strange creatures and the only weapon to defeat them, he unlocks the mansion lock, and goes inside. He meets a girl named Namine, destroys a computer, fights Axel, and then sees Sora. Roxas's journey is over.
Sora's journey starts off with him not remembering anything about Castle Oblivion, or Namine. He wanders around Twilight Town, and eventually finds Hayner, Pence, and Olette. This is where Sora's greatest and most epic journey begins. Kingdom Hearts Coded Namine main characters: Data-Sora Theme Song: Simple and Clean
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