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GM Leadership

No description

sean mcgraw

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of GM Leadership

General Motors, Inc. GM is Failing Declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Decreased sales– 30% in 10 years.

Mounting debt – $17 Billion

How GM Got Here Automotive/economic crisis of 2008-2010

Structure not reflective of vision

Cost Management Failure

Failure to globalize Leadership Framework Assessment Key Changes to Framework Needed Current Leadership Competencies Core Values & Leadership Competencies Past Job Experiences Relationships & Coaching Action learning & Training HR Organization Proccesses CEO LED/LEADERS ACCOUNTABILITY FOR DEVELOPMENT
70% 20% 10% Immediate change of upper management is essential for successful turnaround, without fresh new perspectives GM will continue to stumble down its current path into the obscurity of failed corporate giants. Dragging down an entire sector of the U.S. economy with it. SUCCESS OF BUSINESS DEPENDS UPON LEADERSHIP CEO LED/LEADERS ACCOUNTABILITY FOR DEVELOPMENT HR Organization Proccesses C Core Values & Leadership Competencies Past Job Experiences Decrease by 50% Relationships & Coaching Increase by 15% Action Learning & Training Increase by 35% Able to identify and grow leaders.

Morale improvement abilities through use of established traditions.

Ability to maintain labor relations.
Key Needed Leadership Competencies Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the world leader in transportation products and related services. In order to achieve this vision we recognize that many issues must be addressed and many goals attained. It is imperative that economic, enviromental,
and social objectives be integrated into our daily business objectives and future planning acitivities so that we can become a more sustainable company. Quickly Responsive

Foster Creativity and Innovation Implementation Condense upper management.

Set stretch goals.

Shift fundamental paradigms through action & learning changes
Benefits from Change

Cultural Shift from stagnation to growth.
Increased managerial efficiency
Return of GM to automobile market domination and profitability.
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