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A Doll's House - Act 1 - post reading

No description

Olivia Tattum

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of A Doll's House - Act 1 - post reading

A Doll's House - Act 1
Re-Cap - What has happened in this act?
Nora and Torvald discuss his promotion at the bank. Nora is particularly impressed by the new improved salary he will receive.
Mrs Linde, an old friend of Nora's returns to visit her. She is recently widowed and in need of work.
Nora's confesses to her friend that she has borrowed money to help "save" Torvald's life after his illness.
Dr Rank, the Helmer's friend makes one of his daily visits to the house.
A Lawyer Krogstad comes to visit. Mrs Linde is very secretive, but there is a suggestion of a "past" with Krogstad.
Once Mrs Linde, Torvald and Dr Rank have left, Krogstad returns to speak to Nora. It becomes clear that he was the person who lent her the money.
Nora has committed fraud but forging the signature of her Father, dated after his dead. Krogstad blackmails her; she gets him a job with Torvald in the bank and he will keep quiet. He then leaves expecting Nora to sort the situation out.
Torvald returns and he guesses that Krogstad is trying to force her into helping him. He refuses to listen to Nora's words about him. He then goes on to tell her that anyone in his situation is morally corrupt and diseased. He then leaves Nora alone on the stage; he goes to complete hi bank business.
Nora is left traumatised and refuses to see the children for fear or corrupting them too.
What do you need to know for the exam?
You need to be able to write about the characters in terms of acting. Remember this is a Drama and Theatre Studies exam, NOT English Literature.
Look at what we can REALLY find out about Nora and Torvald.

In groups read through the extracts and make annotations/notes to the worksheets and be ready to feedback to the class.

10 mins.

Practical Activity
Work in pairs to act out the two different versions of the short initial scene.

What do we learn additionally about Nora from the two versions?
Casting Choices
First Impressions of Nora ....

Vibrant? Doll-like? childish qualities? excitable? subordinate? controlled? selfish? money obsessed? frivolous?
Casting Choices -
First impressions of Torvald.....

Adores his wife? Feels women are weak? Business focused? Controlling? Powerful? Moral?
What do we know about him?

The System?

The magic if
Emotion memory
Given Circumstances
circles of attention
the fourth wall
What do we know about Brecht?
Epic Theatre?
showing not feeling
breaking down the fourth wall

Looking at Act 1;

Is Torvald a good husband?

Due next Thursday (25th September)
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