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Dallas Community School

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Transcript of Dallas Community School

What is a Charter School?
Public school; no tuition.
"Sponsored" by Dallas School District.
District receives funds per pupil (called ADMw) from the state then funnels those funds to the school.
DCS is governed by an
, which is a contract that determines the roles and responsibilities of DCS and Dallas SD. Our current agreement is for 5 school years. Many of the policies that govern the school (attendance, assessments, etc.) are required by the agreement.
Religious materials, religious curriculum, religious instruction.
Toys or materials that do not have a direct connection to learning plan.
Materials for other children in the household.
Food, clothing, housing, utilities.

What DCS CAN Cover
Curriculum related to core subjects: math, language arts, science, history.
Supplies to support learning.
PE classes.
Art, foreign language, music classes and instrument rentals.
Rule of thumb: core before more (be sure core curriculum is covered before adding extras).
Memberships to accomplish the above.
On-site enrichment classes.
Classes at other sites (Gilbert House, Village Home, Zena Learning Center, Straub, etc.)
Our History
Founded by local parents who wanted a nontraditional learning model for their kids.
Started in 2013 as a homeschool co-op.
Invited by Dallas School District to partner on charter school development.
Formed Community Innovation Partners (CIP) as an administrative base for Dallas Community School.
CIP is a nonprofit organization operated by a volunteer board of directors representing parents from the school.
DCS opened in September 2015.

How DCS Works: The PLP
Students and parents collaborate with an Education Guide (licensed teacher) to develop a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). This plan is a "living document" that describes the learning goals for the coming year.
The PLP includes curriculum choices, methods, community learning, and other plans for education.

How DCS Works: The Guide
More About Personalized Learning Plans
Enrolling at DCS
A Guide is a licensed teacher who connects learners to resources.
Guide meets with individual students once every two weeks for one hour to review progress on goals.
Meetings can take place at home, at a library, at the DCS site, etc.
Works with parent to develop a plan and set of goals for the year.
Carries out appropriate diagnostic assessments to support student learning goals.
Helps parents select curriculum; submits curriculum/resource requests to the school.
They do not teach, grade papers, etc. Their job is to support YOU using their skills and training.
Guides embrace homeschool culture and support us on our path.

Your Commitment: Recordkeeping

Daily attendance record submitted weekly via paper, fax, email, online. Parent certifies that it is true.
Copies of work related to learning plan.
Enrollment materials...emergency form, vaccine form/exemption, etc.
Monthly PE form.
PLPs tell your child's unique story.
Describe goals for the coming year.
What you're going to do and how you want to do it.
Yes, they can change.
Includes diagnostics (reading and math level) and learning styles.
Describes curriculum, classes, enrichment, etc.
1. Application
2. Wait
3. Lottery (May 2016)
4. Notification
5. Registration
6. Orientation (it'll be fun!)
7. Meet with Guide
8. Order materials
9. Get started
Students expelled from other schools/districts are not eligible for enrollment.
Parents must agree to maintaining responsibility for their child's education.
Must submit a weekly attendance form and attend bi-weekly EG meeting.
Shared behavior expectations and course prerequisites apply to on-site classes. Parents may be required to chaperone their children during on-site classes.
2016 Information Session
How DCS Works:
Learning Coaches
Learning Coaches are parents or other primary caregivers who agree to take on responsibility for implementing the goals in the PLP. This includes facilitating learning activities, monitoring student activities, and adhering to reporting requirements such as attendance, assessments, and work samples.
How DCS Works: Guide Meetings
Students and Learning Coaches are REQUIRED to meet bi-weekly with their Education Guide to review work completed and determine progress towards goals. Guides also carry out reading and math assessments and communicate information about the school during these meetings. Meetings can take place at your home, at DCS, or at another location. Missed meetings can result in removal from school.
How DCS Works: Curriculum Allotment
Each student is able to use up to $700 per year towards approved curriculum, community classes, or other educational needs. Non-consumable items (computers, textbooks, equipment, etc.) remain the property of DCS. Coaches work with Guides to determine how funds are spent. There are very specific rules for spending.
How DCS Works: Classes
DCS offers optional classes at the site in Dallas.

Classes reflect interests of students and include Legos, drama, foreign language, writing, science, etc.

DCS Guides also offer classes in math and language arts.

Classes are 6-12 weeks in length and typically scheduled once per week for one hour.

At this time, only DCS students are allowed to attend classes.

Students must be ready to participate in classes, including ability to follow class rules, meet class perquisites (such as reading level), and adhere to community standards.

While most classes are free, some classes charge a small fee to cover costs. This fee can be deducted from allotment funds or paid out of pocket.

Most classes are for grades 1-8. Kindergartners are encouraged to participate in social activities and field trips.
How DCS Works: Field Trips and Social Activities
DCS offers field trips at little or no cost. Siblings are sometimes allowed to attend, depending on the policies of the field trip host. Parents must provide transportation and chaperoning during field trips. Field trips include sleepovers at OMSI, Oregon Coast Aquarium, hikes at Baskett Slough, and other destinations.
Your Commitment: School Requirements
Bi-weekly, in-person meeting with your assigned Guide.
All recordkeeping, including attendance.
Be willing to support DCS' reporting requirements through participation in annual summative testing in a way that respects your child's individual needs.
Your Commitment: Education
Current Enrollment Status
Space for 156 students in 2016-2017.
Over 125 applications received so far.
Approximately 30 spaces available.
Of those, siblings of current students admitted first.
DSD students admitted after siblings.
All other students admitted based on lottery rank.
Plans change....wait list odds are actually ok right now.
Develop and pursue appropriate learning goals for the student.
Make adequate progress towards goals.
Document work.
Maintain open, honest communication with Guide and School.
Engage student in meaningful education activities.
Participate in math and reading assessments to establish baseline and goals.
What is DCS?
Personalized learning charter school emphasizing free-choice, community-based education.
Supporting local homeschooled students.
Optional on-site classes.
Field trips.
Financial support for curriculum and resources alongside support from a licensed teacher.
Majority of learning takes place outside of our brick-and-mortar school.
Home base is our site in Dallas.
How DCS Works: IEPs and Special Needs
All IEP services are provided by Dallas School District.
IEP students will need to travel to Dallas to receive services.
How DCS Works: Other Things to Know
No transportation to campus and no on-site meals offered campus.
Very different from traditional school model.
Regular trips to Dallas not typically required.
We are working on expanding community class offerings in Salem, Corvallis and our other target communities.
Lending library available to DCS students.
Our Mission:
Dallas Community School is an inclusive public charter school supporting collaborative, standards-based education in a flexible, non-traditional environment.
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