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How To Set Up a Simple Network

How to set up a basic network and getting access to the internet.

Sumer Goel

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of How To Set Up a Simple Network

How To Set Up a Simple Network Basic Componoents Workstations (PC's) Network Interface Cards (NIC's) WIRED NETWORKS Hub This is where the network cables are plugged in. This will be needed in all the workstations and printers on the network. This is where the other end of all the cables
are inserted.Switches are a newer version of a hub. Hubs have fewer ports and can only send data to ALL compters on the network. Switches can send data to specific computers using MAC addresses. Server The server provides services to other computers
in the system. They decide what kinds of settings and folders the pther workstations can access. Generally more powerful than other
work stations and are kept separately for security.
If there is a server in a network, it is called a client server
network, if not it is called peer to peer (P2P). These require a network
operating system installed in order for the network to function. Network Cables (Twisted Pair) The best cables in this situation would
be twised pair /Cat5/Ethernet cables. Fibre optic cables would be faster but are much more expensive. Also, this kind of speed will not be required by a Non IT savy person. Coaxial cables are meant for long distances, not for homes. These are provided by the internet service provider (ISP) How To Set Up More computers/printers etc can be added by
connecting them to the switch via another cable.
These devices will require a Network card as well.

This kind of network is called a LAN (Local Area Network) This network is used over short distance. Long distance networks are called WANs (Wide Area Network). These can stretch over entire countries. Workstation Printer
/Scanner Switch Server Getting Internet Connection Network Cable Network cable goes
in network card slot in the computer. Insert other end of network cable into a slot called Internet, WAN or LAN on router.
The Router is needed to connect multiple computets to the internet. Connect network cable to modem.
The modem connects to the internet when connected
to a phone socket. Networks A Network is a group of computers that can share resources (like printers, scanners, internet connection) and information. This is where the clients the people will work. These will have to ahave NIC's. A group of computers connected together to
share data and resources (eg: Printers, Internet connection
etc.) This is where the users will work and
store their data. For a Non-IT savy friend Once all this is done,
you can access the internet by
launching your web browser such as
Internet Explorer which comes pre-installed on
windows. If you do not have any browser by default (highly unlikely), you will have to buy the CD for a browser. After that, you can download
other web browsers like firefox. Example: Network Cable Network Cable Wireless Networks In these, wireless routers are used to connect the devices in the netrwork.
The routers use Wi-Fi technology (i.e they use radio waves to connect devices).
Hence, the cables for connecting to the router are not needed. Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. If your modem is connected, you
can even connect to the internet using wireless. However, this will be slightly slower than the cable. Also, if multiple computers are connected to the internet, then the bandwidth (allocated internet speed) is further reduced.

These networks are called WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks). Switch Security There is a disadvantage with wireless
networks. Other people with wireless routers
can access your netwrok without you knowing.
Each network has a name Service Set Identifier (SSID)
Your network can be password protected so that no
one else can access it. Bluetooth is another way of connecting devices using wireless.
The difference between Wi-Fi and bluetooth is that bluetooth is usually used to connect different types of devices. (Eg: phones and computers) whereas Wi-Fi usually only connects computer to computer. Also, bluetooth networks have a much shorter range than Wi-Fi networks. Even in blutooth, people can access your phone without
you knowing (bluejacking). In this case, you can set your phone to
non-discoverable mode, in which case, your phone will not be visible
to other phones. E-mail You can get an E-mail address by signing up at an E-mail website.
Some popular websites are Yahoo and Hotmail. You can send E-mails to peers
and family if you know their E-mail addresses. When you type in E-mail address (eg: xyz@yahoo.com.sg),
the computer detects yahoo's server through it's IP address. This
message is then sent to the Yahoo server and the message is stored there.
Once this is done, the recipent can view this message whenever he/she logs
in to her E-mail account. THE END
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