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The Weight of Water

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of The Weight of Water

The Weight of Water
Write a broadsheet article describing what life is like for an immigrant in Britain
Learning Intention
To explore the theme of Social Injustice in the studied novel.
Fitting in.....
by Sarah Crossan
The ideas in the novel are timeless - explain
How does the novel have universal appeal?
Does Kasienka experience prejudice?
How is she marginalised?
Explain the image
What are the children compared to?
Why do you think Kasienka repeats 'too-white'?
Is this a flattering comparison?
Describe the mood 'I hide'
Why do you think the post indents the lines
Why is this line standing alone?
Explain the final lines of the poem
Describe the family's standard of living
Are vowel sounds repeated in this line?
Is this image positive or negative?
Why do you think Crossan describes the character in this way?
Why is please in italics?
What is life like for Mama?
What is life like for immigrants in Britain?
Immigrant = a person who comes to live permanently in another country
Educating Greater Manchester
Background, Foreground,
Middle, Centre
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