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Point of View

No description

Nina Harris

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Point of View

Point of View, Tone and Voice
Point of View
Point of View
The way the story is narrated or told
There are three types:
Third-person Omniscient Point of View
First-person Point of View
Third-person limited Point of View

If It Was Different
Third-person Limited
Melinda did not mean to end up at Lady of Mercy Hospital. She fell asleep on the bus and missed the mall completely. Melinda decided to go to the hospital anyway.
Third-person Omniscient Point of View
Melinda did not mean to end up at Lady of Mercy Hospital. She fell asleep on the bus and missed the mall completely.The bus driver could not believe that a young girl fell asleep on his bus instead of being in school. He didn't question when she got off at the hospital.

The attitude a speaker or writer takes towards a subject, a character, or the reader.
It can change throughout the story
Tone in Speak
Tone reflects the mood of the story
Sets the mood
Makes you feel more involved in the story
If It Was Different
What if Melinda was completely happy? What if she decided to look on the bright side? How would the story be different?
We wouldn't feel as bad
The story wouldn't be as dramatic
Writer's personal style
How the words come across to the reader
Narrators may have their own voice
Importance and Effectiveness
The way Melinda thinks
See how a young girl is a victim
How does the author want you to feel about the subject?
Voice in Speak
Shows the author's and narrator's feelings
Sets the tone for the story
Very closely similar to tone
"I find Lady of Mercy Hospital by accident. I fall asleep on the bus and miss the mall completely. The hospital is worth a try. Maybe I can learn some pre-med stuff for David." (111)
Uses "I"
Personal view points of the situation
from Speak
Importance and Effectiveness
It shows emotions in depth
You feel like the character
Biased inner thoughts
Importance and Effectiveness
"I'm sure I was a huge disappointment. I'm not pretty or smart or athletic. I'm just like them-an ordinary drone dressed in secrets and lies. I can't believe we have to keep playacting until I graduate. It's a shame we can't just admit that we have failed family living, sell the house, split up the money, and get on with our lives." (70)

If it Was Different
"She would have to go when deceleration began; it could be no other way. When would that be, how long could he let her stay?
'how long can I stay?'
"He winced involuntarily from the words that were so like an echo of his own thoughts. How long? He didn't know; he would have to ask the ship's computers." (Holt Literature Language Arts, The Cold Equations,172)

"I followed them, at a distance, waiting for what would happen. My heart troubled about going east, yet I knew that I must go." (Holt Literature Language Arts, By the Waters of Babylon, 144)

" The frown on the bachelor's face deepening to a scowl. He was a hard, unsympathetic man, the aunt decided in her mind. She was utterly unable to come to any satisfactory decision about the grass in the other field. . . it seemed to the bachelor as though some one had had a bet with her that she could not repeat the line aloud two thousand times without stopping."(Holt Literature Language Arts, The Storyteller, 156)
He bounced his way across the room to announce promotion to his wife. He had worked so hard the past month and it had all payed off.
Lena's hands were shaking as she opened the car door. She couldn't seem to balance on her legs as she walked over to the other driver.
Timothy sat in the corner of his room and shook violently. The pounding on the door stopped which only seemed to make his heart beat faster.
I had never been so excited. The roller coaster reached the peak and rushed down the track. I had never felt a bigger thrill with the wind running through my hair.
The old woman wrung her hands together as she looked through her old photo book. A single tear rolled off her face and stained a picture.
". . . NO!- I'm not really here, I'm definitely back at Rachel's, crimping my hair and gluing fake nails, and he smells like deer and mean and he hurts me hurts me hurts me . . ."
Melinda's voice
Laurie Halse Anderson
Understanding and Compassionate
Educating and Informative
ok thx! i gtg now. i already lokked at read the
prezi. i will look at the email to study the scrpit too :)
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