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The Story Of Amos

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Elizabeth Harris

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of The Story Of Amos

1.What is a prophet?
2.What was life like at that time?
3.What were the roles and responsibilities of people?
4. What was the message of your prophet?
5.How was the message received at that time?
6. What is the message for today?

1.What is a prophet?
A prophet is a person that speaks on be half of Gods word as a messenger of the Lord to spread the word of God
What was life like at that time?

What was the message of your prophet?
Amos the prophet was s very religious person that served God with Justice and loyalty. His message for the people of his time and further on was for people that were religious and attended religious ceremonies. Even though they were religious they did not bother to practise justice. Amos wanted to spread a word of justice to those that were religious but were injustice just like Eli the priest.
How was this message received at that time?
This message was received as a commitment for the people of his time to be a loyal and justified community. This helped with the injustice that was not specified around his time.
What were the roles and responsibilities of the people of that time?
There are many roles and responsibilities in Amos's time such as Tax collectors, Nomads , Merchants, Herding, Shepherds, and Farmers. There were also many servants of God that had a center of religious faith with the temple and lived there for years.
The Story Of Amos

By: Neil Singh

At the time of Amos many people were injustice and did not commit to a justice sequenced community. Life was very cruel and nobody ever helped each other. Some lived in poverty and others where more wealthy than others.This was a time of anguish and despair. The prophets of this time like Amos spread the word of God so that there was a peaceful way of living.
What is the message used for today?
This message that Amos the prophet has left us is used as a reminder and wise quote to always seek justice to those who are wrong minded and with injustice. This was how Amos wanted his message to be displayed in the present future. Amos's message was about thinking about how you act and treat people who are in need.
A modern day prophet
St Pope Francis is a modern day prophet that has been around for more than 50 years. He is a very famous, wise and religious person that is a very important modern day prophet for the world. St Pope Francis was born in Argentina 1936 on December the 17th. He became Pope Francis on March 13, 2013 . He was then named 266th Pope of Roman Catholic Church. He now inspires many catholic and christian people around the world through God's word and spirit. He brings faith to the world of Catholicism and Christianity.
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