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Examples and physical properties of matter.

John Hood

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Matter

Liquids It can be poured and takes the shape of its container. Solids It has a size and shape to it. It doesn't
flow like water or disappear into the air. Gasses A gas has no definite shape and no definite

A gas expands to fit the shape and fill the volume of its container.

Gases do not hold their shape or volume. States/Forms of Matter Matter has physical properties. Matter
Anything that has mass and takes up space. MILK CLOTHES Air is a gas, and like air most gases are invisible. STEAM Does a liquid have a set shape? Solids can be hard or soft. All solids will keep their shape unless you do something to change them. The shape of solids, like clay are easily changed. Matter Can Change

Changes in temperature are usually what causes matter to change its state. When matter changes its form, it is called changing its state. Water Water turns into a solid when it freezes. Liquid Water turning into a gas as steam rising up from the pot. It changes easily from a liquid to gas and from a liquid to a solid. An ice cube that is left out of the freezer will melt and will become a liquid. Review You cannot see most gases, but you can feel them if you spin around fast. You can feel air move against you. When you feel wind against your face you are feeling a gas. sight
touch Sensory Language Tell your partner at least one sensory word to describe clothes.

Sight -
Sound -
Smell -
Taste -
Feel - Other solids like brick
are hard to change. Tell your partner one word to describe these senses.

Sight -
Sound -
Smell -
Taste -
Touch - Describe this liquid using a circle map.

Sight -
Sound -
Smell -
Taste -
Touch - What form of matter is this?
How would you describe this? What liquid is this? Liquids have no shape. If you pour a glass of juice it will take the shape of the glass, but if the juice spills it will spread out. Some liquids are thin like apple juice. Some liquids are thick like a cold milkshake. Draw a picture showing some type of matter changing its form. What is the type of matter that changes its form very easily? What is the most common reason for matter changing its state? Give two examples of each of these states of matter. What are the three commonly known states of matter? Are liquids thick or thin? Milk Water Clear Wet
tepid odorless tasteless peaceful silent Sight Sound Smell taste touch transparent
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