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*Jessica*, test run

Karen Simmons

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Cats

Cat's And There Catnip
Male and Female
A male cat is called a
.A female is called a
Detail 4
Cats love catnip becuase they are being conneted to a cool ingredient in catnip called Nepetalactone.(At least that's what I think...) The weird
reaction to this is caused by a thing that works a cat's five senses (touch, smel
l, sight, sound and taste.) Those cats that do something will eat it or lick it; some roll in it and others will just snif
f it
A cat can have 4 to 6 kittens in a litter
and after 3 to 4 weeks the kitten will begin to solid foods.Kittens will start to loose there baby teeth 3 months after birth.
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