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How are you wonderful?

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of How are you wonderful?

How are you Wonderful?
The book Wonder is about a boy named August who has problems. Hardly no one talks to him. He hangs out mostly with Summer or Jack. He heard Jack saying mean things about him, the day of the Halloween parade. Jack doesnt know that Auggie heard him. And the only people Auggie has told are Summer and his sister Via.
When Roger tried to steal Mrs.Jones purse, most people would call the police, Mrs.Jones didn't, she took care of him and was nice to him. She taught him so that he would never steal again. And he promised her that he would never steal or do anything like that ever again.
Summer is one of Auggies friends. When she felt bad about Auggie she decided to sit next to him during lunch. No one else wanted to be August's friend. People ask Summer why she is friends with him, and she tells them that she is friend with him because he is nice. And they became friends.
Don helped lot's of people. By helping them he made them free wheelchairs. Only the people who needed them or couldn't afford them. All those people were happy about that. Don even inspired a girl to walk.
Some kids don't like August and they are being really mean. He has two friends. One is named Summer, and the other is Jack. Lots of other kids are starting to like Auggie. And he is happy about it.
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