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Is logging good for the environment?

No description

Kelsi Schultz

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Is logging good for the environment?

3 Types of Logging
Clear cutting
The U.S. Forest service wants to cut in total of 8,300 acres.
Turpentine Beetles
Spruce Budworms
Pine Beetles
works cited
Image by Tom Mooring
Bugs that harm forests
Benefits to the environment
Healthy Forests
When some trees are removed sunlight reaches the forest floor so undergrowth can flourish
Is logging good for the environment?
By: Kelsi Schultz
Wyatt Holliday- logger 15 years logging experience
Conservationists based from mostly Montana claim that logging is bad because it kills bugs that birds eat
The forest service in response to that says how wildfires will kill more birds and wildlife than logging will.
Benefits to the economy
2.5 Billion worth of lumber is exported from rainforests
53,000 loggers
1.2 Billion dollars goes into the Montana Treasury
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