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Space Program

Should America Continue?

Andrew Pankow

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Space Program

Should America Continue Its Space Program? A little History Sputnik I Launched: 4 October 1957 185 lbs
Beach Ball Sized
American Response NASA was formed Exporer I Satellite
Launched: 31 January 1958 The Space Race A product of the Cold War USSR - First successful satellite
USSR - First man in space
USA - First man to orbit the planet
USA - First man on the moon
USSR - First space station
USA - First reusable space vehicle Finance
The Main Concern
NASA's Budget: 2002 - $15 Billion
2007 - $16.8 Billion
2010 - $18.7 Billion
2011 - $19 Billion
2015 - $21 Billion Percentages 53% - Space Technologies, Transportion, Missions
26% - Research
1% - Educational Services
16% - Cross Agency Support
2% - Facility Maintainance
2% - Retirees and Inspector General Virgin Galactic
Fuel Launch Event Re-Entry Tech Fuel Tech Launch Issues Re-Entry Issues Global Danger Not just an American issue Isolationist Struggle for existance Tire Rubber
Laughing Gas Flown up
Dropped Shuttle Cock
Glider The End
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