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R.M.S. Titanic by Michelle Rasmussen

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Jaci Howard

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of R.M.S. Titanic by Michelle Rasmussen

By: Michelle Rasmussen
R.M.S. Titanic
Interesting Information

If I was teaching someone about the Titanic, I would say: The Titanic is a ship that the White Star Line built. It's real name is Royal Mail Service Titanic. It was a ship that hit a iceberg on a dark, freezing night. Many said it was unsinkable, but yet it was sinkable.
And the Sources
Pictures of the Titanic
The Great Ship Sank!
It Hit that Iceberg!
On April 14-15 1912 the Titanic hit a medium-sized iceberg. At first, everyone was like, " Oh it's unsinkable. No worry." Then when they see water flood into third class, they worried. There were only sixteen lifeboats. It wasn't enough to fit everyone. It took two hours and forty minutes for the Titanic's foward deck was underwater. Only seven hundred fifty survived out of two thousand, two hundred one passengers.
Whose Fault was it?
Nobody necessarily knows who fault was it. People say it was Captain Smith's fault for ignoring the six iceberg warnings. People say it was Bruce Ismay's fault for making the ship go so fast. Finally, some people say that it was Thomas Andrews fault for not making the bulkheads go all the way to the ceiling. As you can see, it mainly was a bunch of people's fault.
First, Second and Third
The Three Classes
The Titanic had three classes. First class, second class and third class. The first class was very elegant, expensive and cozy. First class passengers could go down to second class and third class. Second class was an okay class. It was just a bit less cozy as first class. It could only go down to third class. Third class was compressed. It could not go up to first class or second class. Yet, it was very cheap.
If I went back in time to save the Titanic, I would go on the
The Great Ship Sank!
The RM.S. Titanic Sank!
Who Sank the Titanic?
The great ship sinking!
Notes from my notebook.
Page 12
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