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Gerunds and infinitives

aprender que usar dependiendo que quieren decir - con cambios de significados

Go English Live

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Gerunds and infinitives

We now know the difference between gerunds and infinitives.
We need to learn when to use them
Let´s review
Let´s practice our lesson with some songs:
Try pausing the video and analyzing which verbs are used with gerund or infinitive form
Image by Tom Mooring
Some verbs that can only be used with gerunds:
Gerunds and infinitives
Some verbs that can only be used with infinitives:
Let´s practice!
I like playing tennis
We can never have a Gerund and an Infinitive in the same sentence
Gerund: Verb + ing
Some verbs that can be used with both:
Which to use?
I like swimming
Infinitive form: To + base verb
I like to swim
I like to play tennis
I like playing tennis
Both sentences have the same meaning
I quit to smoke
I quit smoking
Say if the sentence is correct or incorrect
I like to play tennis
She wants to go to Paris
I decided to study French
I decided to studying french
She wants going to Paris
She continues to be catholic
She continues being catholic
We enjoy to watch TV
They avoid eating out
The end
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