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Information Credibility of Facebook


kristin bowling

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Information Credibility of Facebook

User Perceptions of Information Credibility of Facebook

Kristin Bowling Introduction Social media sites have recently emerged as popular places to gather and share news stories RQ1: How does sharing stories on Facebook increase their percieved credibility? How credible is the news percieved on these social media sites? This study will examine the credibility that college students assocaite with news posted on the social media site Facebook Research Question/ Goal The goal of my study was to examine the ways in which posting news on Facebook impacted the overall percieved credibility of the stories Rationale for Research As communication technology develops, news industries are turning to new technologies to publish their content Credibility News industries have found that in order to avoid an almost certain downturn, they must publish their content online and make it interactive for readers Social media sites are fulfilling this need for interaction Although many aspects of social media sites have been studied, credibility and social media have never been paired together and researched Facebook has emerged as the most popular
social media site on the internet With 400 million active users, if Facebook was its own country, it would be bigger than the United States More than 5 billion pieces of content are shared on the site each week Literature Review Focus The evolution of online journalism Social media emerges as a news outlet Online News Credibility Method survey methodology Findings 6 components of credibility Uses of Facebook sharing options Demographic information Participants didn't find the news posted on Facebook to be more credible than other places they may get news Each component of credibility produced the same results, supporting that participants didn't percieve the news posted on Facebook to be more credible than other news sources 118 college students aged 18-25 were surveyed Bias
Separation of Fact and Opinion
Sensationalism Worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy Credibility
Facebook Sharing Usage Facebook Sharing Usage Do you click on stories posted in your news feed?
72% yes
27.4% no Have you ever been exposed to information for the first time on Facebook?
83.6% yes
16.4% no Is Facebook your main source for news gathering?
26.5% yes
73.5% no Conclusions Results can lead researchers to believe that people are using Facebook to share news, but the credibility of the news posted isn't supported A possible explination for these results is that people don't see
Facebook as a credible place to gather and share news just yet diversion
personal relationships
personal identity
surveillance Based on this study, people are using Facebook as a
diversion and a place to develop their personal relationships Future Research Two areas of further research Number of Facebook Friends

How long people have been members of Facebook Questions? According to the uses and gratifications theory of communication,
there are 4 main reasons that people chose to use media: Thank you for your time.
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