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Halloween Masks English Project 2013

No description

Madi Metcalf

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Halloween Masks English Project 2013

History of Halloween Masks Lauren, Sydney, Olivia O., Madi Why do we wear masks
on Halloween? Why do we receive
candy and trick-or-treat? What is Halloween? Over 2,000 years ago, the Celtics started the tradition of All Hallows Eve, eventually evolving in to what we know today as Halloween. The winter season was known to be connected with the death of humans, and this certain night marked the end of the warm months and the beginning of cold months, making the line between the living and the dead unclear. This is the time in which the evil spirits of the dead would rise and walk the Earth for a night. Samhain, also known as the Lord of Death and Darkness, was praised by the Celts and they felt the need to meet his needs, whatever the cost. Another version of this story is that the Europeans began the tradition of All Hallows Eve because in this context, "Hallows" refers to saints, which were believed to have had halos. This night honored these dead saints and martyrs (people who die for their religion or beliefs). On this night, their spirits rise from their graves and they wander the Earth seeking revenge on the people that have mistreated them or have done them any kind of wrong. The most commonly known time of year for people to wear masks is on Halloween. The purpose for wearing these masks is to disguise oneself from the dead spirits roaming the Earth on this night. Tradition states that if one dresses up in a costume and mask, the dead will pass by thinking that the person is a fellow spirit. Everyone's favorite part of Halloween is getting an infinite amount of candy to eat for days on end, also known as every parent's nightmare. How did this tradition begin though?

Well... Along with the belief that the spirits of the dead roam the earth comes the belief that the dead will pass by you if you make an offering to them, such as a sweet treat. Offering them the candy at your door will prevent them from entering your house and tormenting you. Trick-or-treating is a classic holiday tradition in which millions participate in each year. Dressed as a "dead spirit," children will walk around from door to door asking the owner for a treat. If the owner gives them the treat, they thank them and proceed to the next house. If the owner declines, however, the kids then have permission to play a trick on him/her. This custom was more widely accepted in the 1920's-1940's because pranks were not as well-schemed and dangerous as in today's society. This is a model of what an original Halloween mask could have looked like. Disguised as a dead spirit, this person would not be harmed. Bibliography Pillai, Maya. "How did Halloween Start." Buzzle.com. buzzle.com, 25 Oct. 2012. Web. 13 Feb. 2013. <http://www.buzzle.com/articles/how-did-halloween-start.html>.

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