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What Is Minnesota? -Brooke Reiter - Putnam

No description

Brooke Reiter - Putnam

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of What Is Minnesota? -Brooke Reiter - Putnam

What Is Minnesota? -Brooke Reiter - Putnam
what does Minnesota have?
Minnesota has 10,000 lakes!!!
What tells you that Minnesota is our home?
We have mall of America and we have water park of America!!!
-The twins are the baseball players!
-The Vikings are the football players!
-The Timberwolves are the state basketball players!
- Minnesota wilds are the state hockey players!
how do we know about our past?
Photos, letters, tools, or article of clothing!!!!!!!!!
and many more!
We love to fish!
blue gill pout
bull head
We love to fish cont.
cat fish
large mouth
white tailed deer!
Our state stuff
black bear
wild turkey
turkey and pheasants
All New Fair Food!
What we do outside
Farms animals in Minnesota
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