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Passive House Consultation and Training

Maya Prezis

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Passitherm

About us... PassiTherm is a Passive House Consultation and Training company that offers competitive and cutting-edge Passive House services to architects, designers and engineers among other building experts. PassiTherm is the brainchild of Graham Clyde, energy efficiency consultant with more than 25 years of hands-on experience. PassiTherm strives to raise awareness about building energy efficient buildings and making widely-known that affordable, energy efficiency is possible. PassiTherm aspires to increase the number of Passive House trained professionals by providing training and certification services to building experts across Europe and beyond... This is where computer programs can help greatly. There can be a heat loss of up to 25% through the building of thermal bridges so the analysis of surface temperatures is as important as ever when planning. PassiTherm provide the thermal bridge calculation programs Psi-Therm 2D and 3D with a new and improved version for 2012. Fast Calculation without Heat Loss The heat bridge simulation programs Psi-Therm 2D and Psi Therm 3D have recently been revised and improved to comply closer with the current requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance. Psi-Therm 2D and 3D by World Vision set themselves apart from the competition by providing the user with ease of use and quick performance speeds. What can we say about them? Psi-Therm 2D Performs those everyday tasks of evaluating thermal bridges and surface temperatures with ease. The clear and easy to interpret graphic interface allows for easy modelling. It only takes a very short training period to become fluent in how the program works and the complicated thermal bridges can be calculated easily allowing improved freedom when modelling. The software is also equipped with a feature for calculating U-values. In seconds, the user can view everything from heat flow, boundary conditions and PSI value. In the 2012 version it is now possible to view the 12.6 ° C isotherm in detail and on the surface thanks to a brand new function in the program. The 2012 version can also display the heat fluxes as well as the isotherms. Along with this, there are many other new features, including an: interactive assistant,
part catalogue,
different print layouts,
a temperature scale,
the entry of anisotropic material
and the ability to view the isotherms in black. Psi-Therm 3D Psi-Therm 3D takes the 2D program a step further but can work independently. Lets the user enter the dimensions of a three-dimensional structure and can first, provide a rough model and then apply the complicated intersections and components. The software is based on a professional 3D Computer Aided Design core that can help when entering thermal bridges. The calculations can be printed or saved in a variety of different formats including PDF, RTF, XPS or bitmap. Nowadays, it is possible through the advancement of technology to build new structures that are designed in a way that minimises the consumption of energy which is far less than many of the conventional buildings constructed in the past. More than 10,000 Passive Houses have been built throughout Europe and these buildings heating demands are miniscule in comparison to the average home. “ PassiTherm has one aim to disseminate the knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years as a way of establishing Passive House as the new building norm. I wanted to contribute to the Passive House sector in more sustainable and large-impact ways. It’s one thing being a designer and a wholly different thing being a consultant or trainer— you reach more people, you reach all the right people. Being a Passive House consultant and trainer allows me to let others know the secrets of the trade and ultimately make an eco-friendly, energy-efficient world a reality. ”

Graham Clyde Interested? What are you waiting for! Get in Touch @passitherm www.facebook.com/Passitherm www.linkedin.com/company/passitherm www.passitherm.com 50% OFF TRAINING – Low Carbon Skills Fund In Scotland particularly, funding is available for energy and utility skills. The Low Carbon Skill Fund give employers in Scotland the chance to get access to trainings that will help in reduce carbon output and make use of energy efficiently. Businesses can apply for as much as £12,500 funds to be used to train employees.

This fund is supported by the European Social Fund and is managed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS). The amount of the financial aid can provide 25 sessions of training as well as half of the training costs with a maximum of £500 per session. TRAINING in Renewable energy, low carbon technologies and microgeneration Energy efficiency, environmental and clean technologies Waste management and reuse Reducing carbon in supply and energy management
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