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Travel around Europe

No description

Núria Ratón

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Travel around Europe

By: Nuria Raton Travel around Europe Madrid (Spain) Bratislava (Slovakia) Tallin (Estonia) Madrid-Barajas:
International Airport


Place to visit:


Places to visit:

Language: Where is Slovakia? Flag Slovak Ljubljana - Slovenia Estonian The typical food of Estonia, is meet and potatoes. But there's one more famous called Kama. Flag Typical food: Where is Estonia? One of the most famous places on Slovakia, is the Pieniny National Park.
Or the East Slovak Gallery. Language: In Estonia, you can visit the famous Haapsalu Castle. Or the Tartu Toy Museum. The currency of Estonia is the kroon.
1 kroon= 0'05 euros The souvenirs of Slovakia are a fujara, that is an instrument form Slovakia. Currency: The currency in Slovakia is the euro. One of the most famous typical food of Slovakia is the banket. Typical food: The most famous souvenirs in Estonia are the tipical cotumes of there. Souvenirs: Flag Where is Slovenia? Typical Food: Rekjavik - Iceland Typical food: Where is Iceland? Flag Minsk - Belarus Souvenir: Currency: Place to visit: Language: Slovene Souvenir: Currency: Place to visit: Language: Icelandic In Iceland, you can visit Reykjavik Art Museum or
National Gallery of Iceland. In Slovenia you can visit White Carniola Museum in Metlika, Velenje Gallery or the Gorica Museum. Flag Where is Belarus? Typical food: Souvenirs: Currency: Places to visit: Language: Belarusian In Belarus you can visit Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum or Tower of Kamyanyets. Euro Ruble One of the souvenirs in Belarus is the Miniature sheet, that is a small group of postage stamps. The typical food of Belarus is the
salo, that is fish sprinkled with black pepper. One of the Iceland souvenirs is the Iceland Volcano Eruption or the Yule Lads Figures. Icelandic krona The typical food in Iceland is the Kleina, a meet. One type of food in Slovenia is Goulash, a soap. The souvenirs in Slovenia are
Viljamovka or the dragons. The End Any questions?
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