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Infinity Solutions

No description

pranali annaldas

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Infinity Solutions

Brief Intro
Legal Issues
Solution( ERD and SQL samples)
Intro to Budget
Equipment needed
Sample ERD Code
Projected plan for project
Legal Issues
Protecting the rights of customers

Protecting the rights of the company

Terms of use

Project Plan
Describing the hierarchy of users.

What dashboard will be used for.

Infinity ∞ Solutions


Infinity Solutions

Project Manager----------Garrett Miller
Database Administrator--Thomas Osborn
Data Analyst -------------Harsh S Patel
Quality Assurance--------Thomas Niuman
Programmer -------------Pranali Annaldas

First 1-2 week(s)
7-8 weeks
3-5 weeks
Meeting With
Flix2you Board
with Flix2you
Create Customer_Info Table
CREATE TABLE Customer_Info(
Customer_ID numberic(5) primary key,
Customer_last_name varchar (120),
Customer_First_name varchar (120),
Customer_address text,
Customer_Phone numeric(11),
Customer_DOB numeric(11));
Command(s) completed successfully.
Create Customer Table
Customer_id numeric(3)PRIMARY KEY,
Member_ID numeric(5) FK);
Command(s) completed successfully.
Create Customer_Info Table
CREATE TABLE Customer_Membership(
MEmber_ID numeric(5),
Date_Became_member numeric (11));
Command(s) completed successfully.

INSERT INTO Customer_info values (
201,’Smith’,’Monica’,’485, Mountain view New Jersey PA.’,’570-474-6474’,’smith.monica@gmail.com’,’11/12/1993’);

(1) row'(s) Effected

INSERT INTO Customers values (201,22546);

(1) row'(s) Effected.

INSERT INTO Customer_membership values( 22546,08,02/02/14);

(1) row'(s) Effected.
SQL Sample
Meet with team
built new ERD
Consult with team members about ERD/
finalize ERD
Order Software
and Hardware
Enter/Upload Data
Create SQL
Test Commands &
Configure Data
Setup User Permission
Re-write/Debug SQL if necessary
Final SQL test &
data configuration
Install Hardware
Setup Data/
Upload Data
Execute SQL
Setup Software
Schedule Backup and recovery
Final Test and

Employee Cost
ERD (Changed)
Business solution brought to you by
Equipment Cost
By entering our internet webspace you accept the terms and conditions of Flix2you’s terms of use. No matter what country you are in, you are bound by these agreements and must follow them. Flix2you is allowed to make changes to the terms of use document at any time to protect the rights of all. The changes will be posted to already existing members within two weeks to ensure that they understand everything provided. The privacy of members is important. By using the Flix2you service you are given the access to receive electronic notifications from the board about recent purchases. Please refer to the account page that you created to ensure what you have selected is correct in which you can change your status on how you are notified. We know that any communications we have with you electronically is legally binding and will follow specific code to provide safe communications. You should keep electronic copies of all purchases that you make to ensure that all purchases you make are valid. By using the service of Flix2you one is subject to paying a monthly fee to continue to use the product being provided. One acknowledges as a user that price is subject to change at any time depending on uprising prices and lowerings in demand. The user may visit their account page to change how they plan to be billed whether it be by card or paid by mail. Payments will not be refundable under any circumstance.

For the executive dashboard we will utilize Microsoft Office 365 combined with Power BI
Producing attractive weekly sale and demographic reports in Excel or PDF format.
Using Microsoft’s Power BI has the advantage of being easy to integrate with SQL Server 2008
Includes many useful features such as Q&A where natural language questions will produce instant answers pulled from actual data and represented with a graph or any format of your choice.

Any Questions???
1NF:We need to ensure that there are no repeating groups of data and that there is a primary key
2NF:Second normal form states that it should meet all the rules for 1NF and there must be no partial dependencies
3NF:This step makes sure It is in second normal form. All non-primary fields are dependent on the primary key.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data Access and Security

Full backups will take place every night with incremental backups every hour on the hour and transaction logs every 15 minutes.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 allows for up to 64 devices to be used for backups simultaneously.
If Flix2You has an off­site storage area we would also recommend taking one of the hot-swappable hard drives from the local backup server with the most recent full backup to store off site at least once a week.
The hard drives in the local backup server will be running RAID level 10 so that performance is not hindered and every drive has a mirrored backup.
Utilizing the existing server as the local backup and recovery station.
Off­site data backups and recovery will be handled by Amazon’s Web Service Glacier which is cost effective.
Amazon’s Glacier service costs as low as $0.01 per GB per month.
-The security plan will start by limiting physical access to the servers and workstations to authorized users only.

-The database will be encrypted with Microsoft's Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) which will protect all data from the OS level up.

-Through Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI) the database will use the Service Master Key (SMK) to protect the server installation which then protects the Database Master Key (DMK) which is used to protect all certificates and asymmetric keys on the database. The DMK then protects the Database Encryption Key (DEK) which protects the user data. This whole chain is secured with a password set at the master database level by the DBA.

-SSL will be used to encrypt all communications to and from the database and web servers.

-The web and database servers will be isolated on their own machines with a separate VLAN configured in the Cisco ASR 9001 router and Cisco ASA 5500 Firewall.

-The router and firewall will be configured to not accept any incoming connections to the database except from the VLAN in use by the corporate computers.

-The router and firewall will also be configured to block all malicious attacks against the network.

1. Implement Users
2. Database Development
3. Data Translation
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