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Psychological Horror

No description

Adrianna Karpiel

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Psychological Horror

Psychological Horror
What is psychological horror?
Psychological horror is a sub genre of horror fiction that relies on the characters' fears and emotional instability to build tension. It typically plays on archetypal shadow characteristics embodied by the threats characters face, for instance having a protagonist followed by a mysterious stalker on a night street. Thus, elements of psychological horror focus on the interplay inside of the characters' minds.
The audience of Psychological Horror
The audience of this genre would fit under the category of "Tribal Wired", which means that they would be interested in watching the film live, in a digital, creative and free spirited lifestyle. This type of lifestyle goes with our genre because young people are open minded.
Our target audience would be young and middle-aged people who like this horror genre, and enjoy watching new films instead of the ones that came out a while ago. Our first idea was for the main character to read a book when they're introduced, but because we want it more modern, they will be doing something on the laptop instead.
Women and men could be interested in our film because it allows them to explore and experience with fears and emotion. Men will enjoy the violence and women will prefer the suspense and the entertainment. People that like to analyse situations could enjoy it too. People that prefer thrillers seem to be less educated because they prefer the violence instead of understanding the suspense and the mind of the killer.

Examples of Psychological Horror Films
Session 9
Paranormal Activity
The Haunting in Connecticut
The Skeleton Key
Shutter Island
The Uninvited
The Sixth Sense
Our Idea
We have decided to make about 2 minutes long opening sequence. Our main character will be a teenage girl, who is alone in the house, which is seen quite often in the horror movies. The girl will be the "stupid" character, who goes downstairs when she hears a noise instead of staying away from the danger so she doesn't get hurt. Things such as lights turning off, loud noises, things smashing on the floor will be included in our sequence.
About psychological horror
The ideological theme of this genre is the constant fear of something abstract
The typical character would be someone that is disturbed/tormented and they come back to get "revenge" on the apparent victim. Usually, the victim in this genre is a female, but children could also be used as killers.
Narrative Structure
When the film starts, the first image that we see is the picture of the company and their "logo".
Psychological horror could be set in big houses, forests, schools or hospitals. These locations make the scene very realistic as it's happening in everyday locations.
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