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Fast Cash

No description

Allan Jones

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Fast Cash

(Ice Cream)
at Event
Go to Equipment Rental shop
Rogers Rental
United Rentals
Radar's Rental
Pick a piece of equipment
Go arrange for a job - payment
Rent equipment
Cleaning Offices
Call building operators
Work evenings
Second part-time job?
Got teenagers? Could be a family affair. Teach work ethic.
Also clean Community Centers
Commercial Services
Fast Cash
1. Pictures
2. Description
3. Contact Info
(Re-post 1/week!)
How to inquire
1. Identify self
2. Reason
3. Request
Products: Food
Quick Jobs
Cash Corner
12 Ave & Center Street SW
Bring your own lunch
Get paid $ at end of day
Light Industrial
Staffing Agencies
Manpower ***
many others
search "light industrial"
Get paid $ at the end of the day
Their biggest problem is consist workers
Walk-on Jobs
Bring your tools
Walk onto construction sites
Ask to talk to the foreman
"Need any help?"
Market Information
Will this sell? Find out!
Learn LOTS of stuff by ASKING
Do you know of any one who could use this?
What are you paying now?
How often do you need it?
Call 25 potential customers and you will know what you need to know about the market you are considering
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